century 21: FREE Rental Listings for Tomball and Magnolia, Texas. - 11/23/11 06:01 AM
FREE Rental Listings for Tomball and Magnolia, Texas.
Email me at liz.flint@hotmail.com and let me know your perfect rental criteria.  After I receive your email I will send you listings to look at.  You pick your favorites and we can go looking when you are ready.
Important: If you need to move within 30 days, in order to process your application quickly, please bring the following items with you for the showings:
Current Drivers Licence Social Security Card Two months worth of pay check stubs Application fee ($35 - 55 per person over 18) These items will ensure that I can process … (0 comments)

century 21: 2011 Toys For Tots Drop Off For NW Houston, Tomball & Magnolia, Texas! - 11/23/11 05:45 AM
Toys For Tots Drop Off For NW Houston, Tomball & Magnolia, Texas!  Toys will be accepted until December 18th 2011.

This Toys for tots drop off is at 30310 Tomball Parkway, Tomball, TX  77375

Here is the Toys For Tots Poster.

Here is the building where you need to bring the new toys.  See the Toys for Tots train banner on the railing?

Here is the sign out front of the Century 21 office.  Look for the red flashing sign.

century 21: Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Tomball, Texas - 11/21/11 10:02 AM
Real estate represents a consistent and stable way to build wealth, brings liquidity to our housing market, and stimulates our local economy.  In fact, in the past year, investment and second-home properties represent approximately 27% of all residential sales.  It's also worth noting that national wide, 43% of real estate investors earned less than $75,000 per year. 
Today, real estate is quite literally on sale!  There is an unprecendented opportunity to build wealth thruough real estate, and I specialize in helping al investors achieve their goals.  Contact me today to learn more about investing in real estate.


century 21: I Turn Back and He Gets A Wine & Cheese Party! FREE Wine & Cheese Party 1st Sunday of November. - 11/20/11 01:20 PM
I Turned Back and He Gets A Wine & Cheese Party!  FREE Wine & Cheese Party 1st Sunday of November.

My husband and I went for a hike in McKittrick Canyon on Sunday November 6th, 2011.

Here are the Guadalupe mountains.  They are on the other side of McKittrick Canyon.

This is El Capitan, a famous part of the Guadalupe Mountains.

This is from the hike in McKittrick Canyon.  My husband says he has been trying to come here for 20 years in November so he could see the trees changing colors, so he was looking … (1 comments)

century 21: What Animal Do You Paint In Your Town? Adorable Painted Donkeys Are In Carrizozo, New Mexico. - 11/20/11 12:49 PM
While I was chasing the Union Pacific Steam Train 844 from Wyoming to New Mexico, I saw these cute painted donkeys.  Just like some towns have painted cows, salmon, horses, and fish, this little town has very nice painted donkeys.

This was the first one I saw on a street corner near the railroad tracks.

The name of the city is so unusual I thought I had better take a picture with the name in it so I didn't get it wrong.

Here was the second donkey I spotted.  Then is was a hunt for all the donkeys … (0 comments)

century 21: Information On Texas HUD Foreclosures. - 11/20/11 12:27 PM
Information On Texas HUD Foreclosures.  Do you want information on HUD Foreclosures? 
I would like to discuss the pros and cons of Foreclosures with you, as well as send you listings.  Also, it makes a difference if you are buying a foreclosure as an investor or you want to buy a foreclosure to live in.  There are guidelines in place to ensure that owner occupants get a first look option on foreclosure homes. 
Contact me anytime via email and we can get started with the process.  Let me help take the stress out of buying a home.


century 21: Two Stabbings And A Beheading 11/20/11 At 5pm Joust At The Texas Renaissance Festival - 11/20/11 11:55 AM
Before the 5pm Joust at the Texas Renaissance Festival started, there was a warning to people faint of heart and small children that this joust was going to be "to the death".

Here are the four competitors in their finery.  I love how they had the horses in their outfits as well.

I was closest to the knight in Green.  He was representing France.  At the back of this picture you can see the king and queen of England, France and the Ren Fest.

This picture is a little blurry because it was taken just after they two … (1 comments)

century 21: I Love To Travel, But It Is Always Great To Come Home To Texas! - 11/19/11 10:35 AM
I Love To Travel, But It Is Always Great To Come Home To Texas!

I was told that this is a famous picture.  Have you seen it before?  The mountains are the Guadalupe Mountains.

I happened upon a new rest area. 

This is one of the fanciest rest areas I've seen in Texas.  It has lots of lovely stone and tile. 

The information boards tell about the surrounding area and also about the wind turbine project.

They built some nice picnic areas as well.

When I travel, I always love to see this sign.

century 21: Do You Love Trains? Steam Train UP844 in October & November 2011 - 11/19/11 10:13 AM
Do You Love Trains?  Steam trains are rare these days, and Union Pacific runs its UP844 only a few times a year as a goodwill gesture.  These pictures are from the October - November 2011 run from Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Here UP844 is crossing a trestle going over a small river.  There were about 20 of us on an adjacent bridge taking this photo.

This man followed the train from Wyoming to Colorado.

Here is a train engine that we saw on one of the days that the train wasn't running.  This particular engine looks like the one I … (1 comments)

century 21: One Size Fits All -- Time For Christmas Shopping At Chappell Hill Sausage Company - 11/14/11 08:10 AM
One Size Fits All -- Time For Christmas Shopping At Chappell Hill Sausage Company

They have some great soup mixes, jams, jellies and preserves.

This is one of my Christmas presents.  I will be tasting it in late December.  It sure looks like it will be good on hot toast or rolls.

One of the wreaths they had for sale.  They other one was flocked with white.

This looks like it would be a cute gift, two painted wine glasses and a drink mix.  Who do you know who loves pink?

Here are some other good … (2 comments)

century 21: Extreme Fire Danger -- Scenes From The Aftermath Of The Last Wildfire in Magnolia, Texas - 11/14/11 06:35 AM

This is in Remington Forest where the fences melted from the heat of the fire.

This house was totally destroyed.  It looks like the fire pit, a car hood and a clay pot survived.  I can't tell if that is a refrigerator near the front or maybe some sort of rectangular metal box.  Everything else is just rubble and bricks.

This house used to be for sale by my real estate company, but the damage was severe enough for the owner to have the tarp put over the house and the windows boarded up. 

This house in Remington … (1 comments)

century 21: Steam Train Union Pacific 844 Excursion From Cheyenne, Wyoming -- October & November 2011 - 11/14/11 06:04 AM
Steam Train Union Pacific 844 on an excursion from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and back to Wyoming.
This picture was taken in Colorado.  You can see a few of the train chasers beween the train and the pine tree.

THis Southern Pacific engine was a beautiful contrast to the black and yellow train.  It almost reminds me of the daylight express colors.

Here is a head on shot of the train as it is coming around a corner.  Notice the Colorado flag on the front?  They changed the flag everytime they went into … (1 comments)

century 21: FREE Lists of Rentals in Houston, Tomball and Magnolia, Texas. - 11/13/11 11:02 AM
List of Rentals in Houston, Tomball and Magnolia, Texas.  For a FREE list of rentals in the Houston, Tomball or Magnolia area, email me at liz.flint@hotmail.com and submit the following information:
Price range? Number of bedrooms? Number of baths? Number of garages? How much land? Where do you want to live? When do you want to move? Do you have any pets (and specifically what kind)? Do you know your credit score? How is your rent history (fair, wonderful, awful, etc.)? What is the your gross income for adults over 18 in the household? I look forward to working with you … (2 comments)

century 21: Bulls with HUGE Horns -- Houston, Texas - 11/13/11 10:43 AM
Bulls with HUGE Horns.  Several times a year I pass by these bulls with their enormous horns.

I stumbled upon them by accident on a infrequently traveled road in the Houston area.  When I saw the size of the horns, I just had to stop and take pictures.  They are different than Texas Longhorns, these horns are much bigger in diameter.

These two bulls were playfully butting heads and horns.  I guess they have learned how to spar and not hurt each other.

This bull looks really smart.

Here are the two brown bulls playing around again.  … (3 comments)

century 21: Thank You Veterans!! - 11/11/11 11:10 AM
Thank You Veterans!!  I treasure the freedoms you fight or fought for.  I hope you had a great day today and receive some of the heart warm thanks you deserve from people you meet today.
I appreciate you and wish you all the best!  You deserve it!
Please let me know if I can help you with a real estate transaction.


century 21: Chasing Steam Train Union Pacific 844 -- Oct/Nov 2011 - 11/09/11 04:24 AM
Chasing Steam Train Union Pacific 844 -- Oct/Nov 2011

This sunset was taken outside of Denver, Colorado.

Here is a picture of steam train UP844.

UP Steam had a GPS program that allows you to see the steam train UP844 (the red dot) as well as your own vehicle (the blue dot). 

Here is the first time I saw UP844 after it departed the Cheyenne, Wyoming station.  Needless to say it was very cold, as witnessed by the snow on the ground.

Here is another picture of the UP844 train as it steamed toward Greeley Colorado.  … (0 comments)

century 21: What's For Dinner? Awesome Rib Roast Recipe from Robert Irvine. - 11/09/11 03:53 AM
What's For Dinner?  Awesome Rib Roast Recipe from Robert Irvine.
This recipe looks amazing.  I can't wait to try to make it.  It has all the things my husband likes, beef, roasted potatoes and a sauce made with wine.  Yumm!!  Here is the link to this awesome recipe:  Rib Roast with Red Wine Demi-Glace and Roasted White Potaotes and Asparagus.
I will let you know how mine turns out.  In the mean time it is making me hungry for lunch.

century 21: Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Halloween Day, 2011. - 11/06/11 01:36 AM
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Halloween Day, 2011.

There are some great trails at Garden of the Gods.  Some are paved and are wheel chair accessable.

Picture of Pikes Peak from the gift shop at Garden of The Gods.  Unfortunately the day I tried to go to Pike's Peak there was a rock slide and the cog tracks were blocked with rubble that had to be cleared.

Another of the great pictures from Garden of the Gods.  The Garden of the Gods also has a feature called balanced rock that is very impressive.  Hope you get … (2 comments)

century 21: 2011 Fall Festival at Lone Star College -- University Park - 10/27/11 01:01 PM
2011 Fall Festival at Lone Star College -- University Park

I think the tricycles were part of a racing game, but I didn't try it.

People were dressed in costume, like this jester.

We even had a few witches stop by.

This Dracula was at the top of a large pile of balloons.

This bad dog escaped from his confinement to attend the festival.  I wonder if they gave him a hot dog.

One of the games was this "whirly gig" my technical name for this contraption that spins you every which away.

This … (3 comments)

century 21: Homes For Rent In Tomball, Texas - 10/22/11 08:18 AM
Homes For Rent In Tomball, Texas.  For a FREE list of homes for rent in Tomball, Texas, please email me and give me the answers to the following:
How many bedrooms? How many baths? How much acreage? How many garage spaces? Is a mobile okay? What is your credit score? How is your rent history? What is your income per month before taxes and deductions? What kind of pets do you have (please be specific)? With the answers to these questions, I can send you the properties that best match what you are looking for and can qualify for.  Please provide any … (4 comments)

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