battle creek: Don't Want to List Your House in Winter? Read this and Reconsider... - 02/03/14 11:18 PM
I have spoken to many homeowners in recent years who are of the mind that they should pull their home from to market during the winter months of December through March.  Many wait until Spring and throw their house into the listing pool with so many other sellers.  
It makes sense in a way. With the weather we have had in the Midwest and Northeast this season in December, January and entering into February. Who wants the inconvenience of having a showing on your home and then you have to step out for another Realtor in nasty weather? Also the … (4 comments)

battle creek: My Profile Information - 09/24/13 11:15 PM
Let me take a moment, and tell you a little about myself.  I am a Realtor and an Author.
I believe that when one lives in a community, or is part of an organization, one should serve that area and give of oneself to be truly happy.   It is my purpose in life to help everyone I know to live a better life.  Thank you for taking time to stop by my profile and please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Since 2006, I have been serving the people of Michigan as a Realtor, working for a great company like Troxel … (0 comments)

battle creek: Balloons are part of the Culture of Battle Creek, Michigan - 08/14/13 11:29 PM
One of the main events of summer in Battle Creek, Michigan is seeing hot air balloons in the skies.  Every summer there is the Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Fest in July, and on two separate events in the last decade we have hosted the International Balloon competition.  Last month I was out driving around and captured this balloon when traveling to an appointment.  I have written many times on my blog about the balloons and it never gets old.


battle creek: Sunset over Battle Creek, Michigan - 12/27/12 07:28 AM
A few months ago I was driving towards downtown Battle Creek, and I was fortunate to have my camera not too far away.  I was able to capture this moment in time, with this sunset.  I thought it appropriate to post this towards the end of 2012, as the sun begins to set on this old year, and will soon rise on a new one.  
I hope everyone takes time to draw up some exciting plans for the new year, and take their future by the reigns and charges forward with wild abandonment!  If if you do not go that … (4 comments)

battle creek: Chicago is just a train ride away from Battle Creek - 11/25/12 10:08 PM
At this time of year, now that the holiday season of shopping has officially begun, it is always fun to go to great places.  Downtown Chicago is a wonderful place to go visit for a shopping spree.  One can get on a train right in downtown Battle Creek, and be in downtown Chicago for as little as $35 using Amtrak.
The downtown area of Chicago has all kinds of shopping wonders for any holiday shopping extremist.  There is also the beautiful architecture to marvel at as well. Here is a photo of the lego store and other buildings that I took … (5 comments)

battle creek: Coffee makes the morning - 09/27/12 02:14 AM
As the fall air becomes colder, and the leaves begin to turn color, I just have to say that coffee is a welcome friend.  I have been working long hours in the past several months, and not had as much time to devote to my blog as I would like. 
I recently visited the local farmers market type of grocery store here in Battle Creek called 'Horrocks' and rediscovered their selection of fresh coffee. 
Over the years I have been a traditionalist of buying just one particular type of fresh ground coffee, but recently I decided to try some of the … (2 comments)

battle creek: Greetings from Mother Goose and Her Family - 05/26/12 01:19 AM
I was at a stoplight the other day and looked out the window at a grassy area on the side of the road and saw thus momma goose with her babies.  I always try to keep my camera handy for those moments.  I was able to capture this photo before the light turned green and I had to move with the traffic.  Although, I suppose a few honks from the cars behind me probably would not have bothered momma goose! 
The babies still had their down coats, and were quite large.  This area of town is near the river, so we … (3 comments)

battle creek: When the Neighbors look like this... - 04/15/12 11:09 PM
I was out showing a very low priced foreclosure in a not so popular neighborhood a few months ago at the request of a colleague who had set these appointments and could not make them due to an emergency.  When I showed the house, the lady liked it, and as far as I know made an offer the next day.  I did show her the view from the side window off the kitchen, and it did not bother her.  However, this let me to consider the question for this blog post: How does the actions of a neighbor impact the sale … (31 comments)

battle creek: Liela Arboretum in Spring in Battle Creek, Michigan - 04/12/12 10:22 PM
I went driving through the Liela Arboretum last week just to take in the spring colors.  One of the spots of beauty in our city is the Liela Arboretum in Spring.  This is a park is maintained by volunteers, and contains over 600 different trees and plant species.  The circle drive is almost exactly 1 mile, so runners and joggers can partake in the beauty and get in their exercise.  It also offers great places to host a picnic, walk your dog or simply go for an escape for lunch for a few hours.  Driving through recently with the spring flowers, … (3 comments)

battle creek: Mild Winter in Michigan This Year - 03/02/12 06:55 AM
Normally at this time of year Michigan looks like this picture below.  However, this year we have had suprisingly very little snow.  This picture I took in December of 2011, and normally we expect our February and March to pretty much be like this.  However, we are having a mind winter in the North this year, as perhaps many of my fellow AR bloggers have probably written about.  I wonder what kind of summer we can expect if this continues?  Perhaps there will be a bumper crop of mosquitos! 

battle creek: Finding Christmas All Around You - 12/16/11 04:06 AM
As you get older in life one finds that each Christmas is different.  Some times it is more challenging for me in certain years to capture that feeling I had about the holiday when I was a kid.  However, occasionally you stumble upon something that just puts you in the spirit, at least for a little while.
Recently I was having an impromptu lunch with my wife at a local restaurant called 'Finleys' in Battle Creek, Michigan.  She often has a very busy schedule with her work, that does not align with mine too often, so it infrequent we can get together … (7 comments)

battle creek: Winter Snowfall - 12/02/11 02:45 PM
This past week in Battle Creek, Michigan we had our first big snowfall.  I went out and took some photos when it was still fresh, and I wanted to share one that I really liked.  It is a tree in my front yard that had snow beautifully placed on every branch, and it was early in the morning before the temperature rose enough to melt some of it away.  I find looking at natures beauty to be refreshing, even though the cold days are tiresome at times.  I hope you enjoy this photo.


battle creek: November Snowfall in Battle Creek, Michigan - 11/30/11 02:21 AM
Yesterday we got our first big snowfall of the season.  It snowed in blizzardy conditions starting at around 2:30pm yesterday, and continued on through the night dropping an estimated 8 inches or so I would say of the white stuff.  Considering that I just returned from taking a Thanksgiving break in Miami, Florida, this seems a bit surreal to me.  I mean a few days ago I was walking around in a T-shirt looking for the shade, and today I am putting on long johns and looking for my snow boots.  Crazy.
Here are a few photos of the snow that … (4 comments)

battle creek: Sea Monsters Are Everywhere... - 11/06/11 03:42 AM
I was driving home last week, and could not help but notice the new artistic creation that suddenly was on display in front of one of the art centers around Battle Creek, Michigan.  It is a scuplture that depicts a sea monster of some sort coming out of the ground.  It definitely catches your eye when you drive by. 
I finally had to go back by there a few days ago, and despite it being a fairly busin road, I pulled over and snapped a few photos of it to share here on my blog.  I never expected to see a … (8 comments)

battle creek: Autumn Photographs in Battle Creek, Michigan - 11/01/11 08:45 AM
I went to explore some walking trails around the city of Battle Creek this weekend, and of course took my camera with me.  I love taking photos at this time of year.  Autumn photography is something special.  The color is always so amazing with all the golds, yellow and red of the leaves.  They won't be around too much longer, and soon will have their branches bare.  Nonetheless, I never tire of seeing the autumn spectacle we are treated to each year.
Here are a few of my photos from this weekend:


battle creek: A Pumpkin in a Field of Heroes - 10/30/11 03:26 AM
I took a drive through the Fort Custer Memorial Cemetery in Battle Creek, Michigan Saturday.  Sometimes I go there just to slowly drive through and take it all in.  It is a military memorial cemetery which is the last resting place of thousands of American heroes. 
When I drove through today, I had arrived there by accident really.  I was actually trying to find the trail head of the Linear Path that runs through Battle Creek, and I followed the trail along Dickman Road right to the entrance of the cemetery.  Once there, I decided to drive through.
As I drove … (5 comments)

battle creek: The Linear Park in Battle Creek, Michigan - 10/29/11 02:35 PM
The Linear Park in Battle Creek, Michigan is a walking, running and biking trail that runs from Dickman Road near the Fort Custer Cemetery down to the official trail head that starts down Brady road and goes 6.5 miles to downtown following the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers. 
It then continues through downtown following the river, through Bailey Park and across Roosevelt Avenue over to Kellogg Community College, and eventually reconnecting with the original path along the river just east of downtown near 20th street. 
The entire trail is approximately 15 to 20 miles long in total, and … (1 comments)

battle creek: Images of Autumn at Fort Custer Recreation Area in Augusta, MI - 10/26/11 02:01 AM
This past weekend I went to the Fort Custer Recreation area to do some hiking.  I had not been able to get out there in several weeks, and since that time the leaves have changed and fallen.  The seasons have shiften from late summer to autumn, and so of course, took my camera with me for some photography.  Here is a collection of photos I took this past Saturday from some of the hiking trails there.  The weather was beautiful, and you could not have asked for a better day.


battle creek: Buying a Home in Today's Market - 10/25/11 02:56 PM
If you are looking at trying to buy a home for the first time, and do not know where to start, I created this video below a few months ago to cover a lot of the basics of getting started. 
If you have poor credit, do not dispair, there are ways to repair it.  It helps to understand the process, and what is expected from lenders, and what you might run into in the home buying process. 
In this video I cover three basic areas that you need to focus on to become qualified for a loan to purchase a home.  … (0 comments)

battle creek: Lakeside Properties in Battle Creek, Michigan - 10/17/11 03:08 AM
Southwest Michigan has a great deal of beautiful lakes of all sizes.  Lakeside properties in Battle Creek, Michigan offer accessibility to the city along with quiet living.  As an example of two very beautiful lakes, on the Southern end of the Battle Creek area is Sonoma Lake, and on the Northern end in Pennfield is Saint Mary’s lake. 
These two lake neighborhoods are good examples of special homes comprising Lakeside properties in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Some homes offer a better view than others, but all tend to focus on living around a lake.  Many have docks, boat houses and … (0 comments)

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