maine waterfront real estate: Under The Mistletoe, Over Holiday And Egg Nog, Talk About Real Estate. - 01/02/13 12:47 AM

It happens, talk about Maine real estate and changes while holiday celebrations take place for Christmas, New Years. If your loved ones think the idea of buying a Maine waterfront property listing is peachy keen, the way to go, good news.
A bigger selection of Maine waterfront property listings .
For way way  less money, lower cost happens in the Northern half of the state.
A little further away from Boston, all those people and traffic and the price dips, the quality and quantity of features for your Maine waterfront real estate climb dramatically.
If the timing is right, if … (1 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: It's A Rainy, Sunny, Snowy Day In Maine, You're At Your Lake Vacation Home. - 10/05/12 09:54 PM
When you think Maine waterfront lake property, real estate with something wet for a neighbor, next to it, most hearts lub dub harder. Excitement about being out on the water, in Maine is a delicious thought that pleases, teases.
But not just when it is hot, and it's summer and friends, family are laughing, grilling and chilling on an open deck.
This Maine real estate waterfront memo just arrived and it has your name on it. It says (uncrinkling sound as balled up paper is unwrapped, opened up)... it says (squinting) that every season, all four, any are extra special times … (7 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Dip Your Toe In Some Maine Waterfront Lakeshore Property | ME Real Estate Video - 03/01/12 06:57 PM
Let's face it, being next to a Maine lake, enjoying looking at it, being in it, doing all the fun four season stuff that comes with the water property listing is extra special.
Hard to find someone that when asked "who wants Maine waterfront property" like the Trident gum commercial that would not raise their hand.
Say, shout out  "I do, I do". 
But finding a Maine lake listing for under $100,000 that is smack dab on the water's edge is getting harder, trickier to do.  But already you are sensing your old buddy, old pal Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers … (8 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: You Got The Memo About Maine Real Estate Waterfront Listings Right? - 11/16/11 12:39 AM
Properties around the waterfront in Maine, real estate with something wet bordering it, for a neighbor do not just sell when it's 85 degrees. Maine waterfront real estate does not just move when folks think open decks, munching BBQ food or the kids are running around with 4th of July sparklers bare foot, laughing.
The problem is if the Maine real estate agent, broker, REALTOR believes the old wive's tail about the tie in of temperature, calendar and waterfront property listings.
I have even heard it said "Well it's the end of July, pull up the ladder on Maine waterfront real … (0 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Your Doctor Flips The Sheets On His Clipboard, Says Your Vitals Are Good But You Need More Maine Water. - 11/09/11 10:45 PM
Maine waterfront is the point he is trying to drive home because you should be investing in some water feature property, some real estate with something wet next to it. Like a Maine lake, consider these pair of Drews Lake waterfront lots.
Ready to build what you want, as the budget and more time allows.
Hop in the jeep, you and I are heading to Drews Lake with a Maine real estate video.
Can you see a new you owning some Maine waterfront property?
Double click for images two lots, Drews Lake waterfront real estate.
Two Lots On A Maine Lake … (5 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Whoa, Slow Down, Take A Seat On A Maine Waterfront Open Deck, Toggle The Real Estate Video. - 10/31/11 12:13 PM
Maine waterfront real estate, don't just dream about it someday, or when you retire. Now is the time to purchase while second home mortgage rates are puny, while you are healthy enough to enjoy the waterfront property in Maine.
Rent it out for profit to the same folks each year on the weeks you don't use.
But plan on sneaking away to Maine any time you can.
Look forward to holidays, long weekends and vacation usage.
And post the images from the last great time at the Maine waterfront on your fridge.
The fun on the Maine waterfront is not to … (3 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: The Maine Real Estate Buying Wallet For Recreational Land You Sit On Is Pretty Thin Right? - 10/13/11 03:34 AM
Satisfying the smallest Maine property listing buying wallets are our speciality as you kick tires on real estate listings in your price range.
Round up your sporting buddies, the family members who share your love of the great Maine outdoors.
Bring those four wheelers, snowsleds and hunt, fish, boat from this base of operations on 209 Smyrna Center Road Smyrna Maine.
Just off exit 291 on Interstate 95 but hidden from view.
Toggle the Maine waterfront, land, cabin video.
Hop in the jeep, ride shot gun.
We can tool you in and out so no one even knows you beamed … (6 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Maine Lakefront Real Estate, 100% Pure Waterfront Fun In Vacationland Guaranteed. - 06/28/11 03:45 AM
To be on the waterfront, something Maine lakefront is a property real estate listing dream that many carry around in their heart and head.
MOOERS REALTY just listed a Grand Lake Orient Maine lakefront property to consider, toy with owning.
Check the Maine waterfront property image link above.
Watch the Maine waterfront real estate video.  Asking $119,900
Other Maine waterfront properties, listing lakefront to consider too.
Watch all our Maine lakefront, other waterfront listing videos.
Maine, one beautiful four season area to invest in, have some serious fun with the property listing you can buy that is low cost, easy … (1 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Swimming Maine Moose By Your New Brackett Lake Weston Maine Waterfront Cottage. - 06/17/11 01:57 AM
You expect Maine loons to serenade you to sleep or entertain no matter what time of day but moose dog paddling by your new Maine lake real estate cottage fun and games too?
It happens, check out the image clollection for this Weston Maine waterfront property.
Watch the Brackett Lake listing video.
More details about the Brackett Lake waterfront vacation home getaway.
Waterfront in Maine, low cost property listings next to lakes, rivers, stream and even oceanfront are the norm.
Happen day in and out, year after year. If you would like to have a place in Maine to … (5 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Waterfront Property In Maine, Something Like A Camp, Home On A Lake What You Need? - 05/28/11 01:37 AM
Waterfront properties, something with a real estate that taps in to the fun of being on a lake, river, something wet to cause a splash. Maine waterfront real estate is one fun kind of property investment. Everything is focused on that waterfront element with lake loons, sunrises and sunsets.
Or fish jumping, the kids out in kayaks exploring lake islands. Or behind the boat you pilot with them on two sets of water skis.
Or tubing behind a seadoo. Fires by that waterfront property in Maine at night. Talking, sharing and eating plenty of home made, often grilled food.
Or steaming … (7 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: You Need More Water In Your Diet...The Kind You Play In, On, Around With A Maine Lake, Waterfront Real Estate. - 05/21/11 05:48 AM
Land on a Maine lake, waterfront real estate you can swim in, boat on, fish, sail, kayak, jet ski and watch the seasons change.
Are you needing more Maine waterfront, real estate in your recreational diet?
You work hard, are always looking for an investment right?
Maine waterfront real estate never gets dull and can be rented out for profit.
Plan to retire someday and the thoughts of being on a Maine lake showing on the mental projector now rolling in your head?
Check out this Grand Lake waterfront property listing in the $90's. Toggle the Maine waterfront cottage video.
See, … (3 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Slide In To This Open Deck Hot Tub, Overlooking A Maine Lake Home, Toggle The Video. - 05/18/11 12:26 AM
If you owned a Maine real estate home on the water, it would change your outlook, zest for living. Because that Maine waterfront property is waiting for you to get here this weekend.
Or on every vacation you have earned and should be taking.
Bring the family, enjoy being right in the front row.
Own the best seat in the house for enjoying a Maine waterfront property year round.
Over 200' frontage on Drews Lake.
Watch the Maine real estate video and picture yourself in that bubbling hot tub with this setting, view.
This Maine waterfront property listing is in immaculate … (11 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Maine Waterfront Real Estate, Except This 10 Plus Acres Is All Yours, Not Shared With The Hidden ME Home. - 05/10/11 10:50 AM
Maine fireplaces, outdoor blazes give off positive ions and anything with water moving, lapping and sunlight dancing, glittering off it in a million bright diamonds is a sedative, sure fire proven relaxer.
A feeling of contentment for real estate buyers who want both.
Get them both with this 600' waterfront property in Maine.
The Maine home is out of sight literally and figuratively.
Roughly a third of mile in on a dead end road where your ten acres starts.
No trick or treaters.
Only the four legged visitors with names like Bambi, Rocky. Image link. Details on the home, 36x24 garage and … (2 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Double Dose ... Drews Lake Home Sits On Two Waterfront Lots, Watch Video. - 05/07/11 12:34 AM
Maine real estate on the water, nothing like it any season in Vacationland. Watch the video, see Drews Lake and all this waterfront chalet offers the real estate buyer.
Big open deck with a hot tub for five, 3 bedrooms, cathedral ceilings, standing seam roof, fireplace wood heater or stay toasty warm with the highly efficient Monitor K-1 furnace.
Get 205' on clean Drews Lake to enjoy kayaking, swimming, listening to Maine loons while you sample your first cup of fresh morning coffee.
Or the same loons singing, or crying at night around a camp fire with family and friends.
Drews Lake … (1 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Waterfront Maine Real Estate Is Low Cost Property. - 03/21/11 12:13 PM
More for less applies in most of Maine and waterfront real estate listings come in the same sweet low cost format.
Less people means the waterfront real estate is clean, maintained.
Lakes, rivers, waterways are not over burdened by man who is prone to development.
The biggest pressure to Maine lakes, rivers are roadways that are not installed properly, that don't drain without hurting the water bodies.
Erosion and poorly designed septics not built for the pressures of multi family use more and more days of the year.
If fish could talk they would say, no gurgle "no lawns, no weed … (2 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Maine Waterfront Properties, Being Parked By A Lake Is A Very Good Thing. - 03/07/11 01:56 AM
Can you imagine being next to a big lake, pond, river or the oceanfront in Maine with property next to the water? The four season fun, the vacations or investment potential renting it out to others to have some serious entertainment.
 Income until you can use it more.
Move, retire, relocate to Maine.
See all the videos for Maine waterfront real estate in one place.
Visit our Maine waterfront real estate section. And consider this Grand Lake Maine waterfront property with 230' on Grand Lake. Maine's top three biggest lakes include Grand Lake in Orient, Weston, Danforth and Forest City ME … (2 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Maine Waterfront Real Estate, You Looking For Something In Log, On A ME Lake? - 03/03/11 01:19 AM
Maine log home on a lake, a waterfront real estate listing that paints one very pretty picture.
Like us to air brush you in to it?
Watch the Maine waterfront video, get down by the lake.
Start seeing yourself slowly fade in to this Linneus Maine, Aroostook County setting.
Maine waterfront properties, low cost, providing some very serious fun, entertainment value.
Full cellar, garage, wild oak flooring, cathedral living area with an oak kitchen. Lots of windows, loft bedroom.Modern full bath with one piece tub/shower all built with newest, best materials and fixtures available. No corners cut, expense spared. Done right. … (2 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: (Motioning) Here, Have A Seat, Overlooking, Hearing A Maine River, Waterfront Property. - 02/28/11 03:29 AM
Life flies by if you don't stop, sit down and enjoy the Maine wildlife, scenery, waterfront properties Vacationland is blessed with, famous for in all sixteen counties.
Have you ever thought of running a Maine sporting lodge, renting out cabins?
Feeding hungry out of staters who are starved for the rest and relaxation and the home made Maine food you crank out.
Image link, video, photos on this Moose Island Sporting Lodge on the Aroostook River in Masardis ME.
Maine, big state, less people, more fun and natural four season recreation. Life's too short to carry a taser, live in fear, chasing … (4 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Waterfront Property In Maine For A Vacation Second Home Runaway Option. - 02/24/11 02:05 AM
Work, work, more work and you tell yourself it will all be worth it when you retire. And do all those fun things in Maine with the saved up money, free time when retired.
Excuse me, who said you can not, should not have fun along the way?
Family vacations are a lot more fun with family right?
And by the time you retire, all those little ones that grew up suddenly have their own traditions, their own rug rats, ankle grabbers to chase around to little league, brownie and cub scout meetings. Oh sure you might be lucky when your … (2 comments)

maine waterfront real estate: Water, You're Not Getting Enough Maine Waterfront In Your Life Diet. - 02/16/11 10:49 PM
Waterfront property in Maine, something listed on a lake to add new color to your life, make you have a destination to look forward to on vacations, time off. Is that what the discussion was around the holidays with family? That if we had a place on a lake in Maine, how great that would be to round up loved ones, start yearly traditions? We hear the order come in to the Maine real estate kitchen a lot each day. Here is a Deering Lake in Weston Maine waterfront property to consider. Watch the property video and tell me if you … (5 comments)

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