raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection and problems with Synthetic Stone Veneer - 01/08/10 10:16 AM
This material has been quite popular in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas. When builders first began using it (and often still) little thought was given to what might happen if moisture got behind the veneer. Nor was there thought given to keeping the moisture from getting back there. During our Raleigh Home Inspections, we look closely at this material and possible moisture problems. During a recent Home Inspection on a new $1MM home, we noted quite a few concerns. One concern area is where a lower roof intersects a house sidewall - such as when a garage roof joins a two-story … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Pier modification for plumbing drain - 10/27/09 01:35 PM
Sometimes the defects found during a Raleigh Home Inspection are not this obvious...


raleigh home inspection: Clayton NC Home Inspection; cut floor joist (new construction) - 04/25/09 01:41 PM
Another Clayton NC Home Inspection in the books with nearly 35 items in need of repair (new construction). One of the more noteworthy items is the floor joist that had been cut to allow a plumbing drain pipe to pass through. Joists get cut as construction and planning are not perfect. However, they must be braced properly to avoid potential settlement and sagging problems (I have seen plenty of this on older homes). This is one more example of why a Clayton NC Home Inspection should be considered mandatory. Clear Choice Home Inspections is located in Clayton NC (just East of … (1 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Home Inspection Clayton NC (outside of Raleigh) - 04/19/09 01:23 PM
We completed a Clayton NC Home Inspection on a new house over the weekend. Clayton is just East of Raleigh and offers a lower price per sq ft and larger lots (typically). Our Home Inspection generated a list of about 35 items - most were typical "teething" issues found in new construction. This Home Inspector found a floor joist that was notched greater than allowed (weakens the framing), a few outlets that were not protected by a GFCI circuit as required (both were in "wet" outdoor areas) and the most exciting issue was the stone veneer outside wall cladding that was … (4 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection - crawl space photo - 04/16/09 02:22 PM
We completed another Raleigh Home Inspection today and found a messy crawl space. The biggest issues with this home were the 3-4 rotten window sills (quite a bit of rotten trim/siding as well). So badly damaged that water had entered the holes and damaged the siding under the windows. Additional damage behind the siding on this Raleigh Home is very likely. Our Raleigh Inspection paid for itself many, many times over today. … (1 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection - 04/05/09 01:08 PM
We completed another Raleigh Home Inspection on a home built in the mid 1980's. Typically houses of this age have exterior wood decay issues; this Raleigh Home Inspection validated that. The siding had swollen areas at joints and nail heads affecting approximately 20% of the house while approximately 5% was very soft to probing. Our Raleigh Home Inspector also found several cases of moisture damaged brick molding, window sills, window drip caps, lower window rail; fascia in 3 or 4 locations damaged heavily by carpenter bees. The most interesting wood/moisture issue was the thin (about 1/2") piece of wood between the … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection - moisture in basement - 02/19/09 11:20 PM
We were hired to complete a Raleigh Home Inspection last week on a 1960s home that had a basement. All told, we identified approximately 50 items for repair. Several of the more notable (ie expensive) issues were stained and damp drywall on the interior basement walls, evidence of water damage to the basement floors, termite damage to floor framing noted in the crawl space, moderate fungus on the framing members in the crawl, damp soil in the crawl, and the air conditioner did not function (breaker on.) Our Raleigh Home Inspection put our client in a better position to understand the … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspector finds problems with a sealed crawl space - 12/27/08 02:21 AM
During a Raleigh NC Home Inspection, it is critical to assess the crawl space for moisture problems - even on a new home.  A sealed crawl space can create additional concerns and problems if all components are not installed and functioning properly. 
The last crawl space inspection we completed on new Raleigh NC home revealed enough moisture that the floor sheathing, framing and foundation wall insulation were covered with condensation.  Unfortunately, mold was found as well.  The soil under the poly vapor barrier was very soft and squishy; wet soil, in other words. 
A sealed crawl space … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Pre-drywall Home Inspection in Cary NC - Home Inspector found roof defects - 11/28/08 01:47 AM
We recently completed a pre-drywall Home Inspection in Cary NC (just outside of Raleigh NC) and discovered some surprising roofing defects.  As Raleigh NC Home Inspectors, we look carefully at roof flashings due to their importance for keeping moisture from traveling behind siding and under the roof.  This new home was missing the kick-out flashing where a lower roof section met with a house wall.  Bare wood was visible (a dormer to the right of this area will direct water right at the bare wood).  If not corrected, large amounts of water could enter this area and cause significant damage to … (2 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Home Inspector Raleigh 27607 finds defective cast-in sink - 10/23/08 01:42 PM
Another Raleigh NC Home Inspection in 27607.  New construction and this home inspector found the overflow passage in one master bath sink had a leak.  This was a cast-in, cultured marble top and these leaks are somewhat uncommon but I check them all just in case.  We found a flashing issue on the roof, a defective smoke detector, a soft spot in the floor, a under-floor girder not resting on the foundation wall and several other items.  My client was very pleased with hiring us as her Home Inspector in Raleigh.

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection - high Radon Levels - 10/20/08 02:12 AM
During our Raleigh Home Inspection a few weeks ago, we found radon levels at approximately 8 picocuries per liter. The EPA safe limit for indoor air is 4.0. All is not lost as the levels can be reduced through ventilation installed by a radon mitigation company. And, remember that radon levels vary from home to home (most houses we test are below the 4.0 limit). As a home buyer, it is much better to test for radon now rather than after the sale. If the Raleigh home has high radon levels, you can generally negotiate with the seller. However, if you … (5 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection 27610 - inspector finds foundation cracks - 09/24/08 12:56 PM

This poor house.  Only 7 years old and due to the poor location of gutter downspouts (at least it had gutters), a large amount of water has been entering the crawl space at the right font of the house.  Our Raleigh home inspection noted that this water ran toward the right rear corner.  At the right rear, we have a nice foundation crack on the outside foundation wall (pictured) and the inside wall.  Additional cracks were noted at the right front and right side.  The water undermined the foundation and the right side dropped.  Swimming pools belong outside of … (2 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection 27616 - builder warranty - 09/16/08 02:26 PM
We inspected a one year old house today in Raleigh NC (27616) and surprised the owner. We were hired to perform a Raleigh Home Inspection and found about 20 items that need repair. The most interesting one is that both air handlers in the attic had large holes in them (about 3 inches by 16 inches). This allowed unconditioned (hot as heck in the summer and cold in winter) air to enter the HVAC system. Talk about burdening the system! Additionally, fiberglass from the insulation will also enter and distribute through the house. For additional details about home inspections in 27616 … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Another Raleigh NC home inspection - 09/13/08 01:29 PM
Clear Choice Home Inspections inspected another home in Raleigh NC. This was a 1950's house and it looked ok from the outside - new roof, decent siding, interior was pretty decent too. The crawl space in this home revealed a different story. Massive damage from wood destroying insects (read: termites) had consumed large portions of the band joist, girders and floor joists in several areas. Big money needed to correct these issues! … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: Raleigh Home Inspection on a foreclosure - less than 10 years old - 09/03/08 01:51 PM
We did a Raleigh Home Inspection the other day on a foreclosure and we discovered a plumbing leak under the shower, a heating and air unit (heat pump) that did not work, and overfused wire in the main electrical panel, flashing around a roof vent that was tucked under the shingles on the front side (will divert water under the shingles as opposed to on top of them) plus several other things. Some foreclosures in Raleigh are pretty bad off, some nearly perfect. This one was about in the middle. Our Raleigh NC home inspection services cover all of Wake and … (0 comments)

raleigh home inspection: South East Raleigh NC home inspection done with radon testing - 07/09/08 10:40 AM
The home I inspected today was built in 2003 and was on a concrete slab. The particular neighborhood had a house I inspected last year that came up high on radon levels. Mitigation cost was $1,800. Good thing that buyer, and this one, decided to pay the minimal radon testing fee during their Raleigh NC home inspection. For more information, please see Clear Choice Home Inspections. … (0 comments)

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