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A commentary and analysis on market psychology and timing. I was a Remax owner for 27 years and selling real estate for over 35 years, I have followed the markets closely. Along with Elliott wave theory and various indicators I have called the top in 1987 and the bottom in 1991/92 along with the top in 2005. I successfully predicted a bottom in 2009 in our local Bergen County New Jersey markets along with ideas on our national markets.



Last up date we said Well, we hoped we got a bottom and a sharp rally. Now we are ready to start selling, we own 3 SPH09 or ESH09 we will sell all 3 at 755. We will revisit this, when this trade is done. Currently: We have been flat, I didn't go back in and got out early, I was concerned about on...
I have been writing about the market for months saying we are bottoming. What we needed was a price and interest rate line to cross, along with plenty of mortgage money. Well, it looks like we are there and past through the bottom, over the winter here. Let's look at why. 1. Many markets like Sou...
The Record, our North Jersey News paper quoted myself and other brokers on market conditions. There front page story, REAL ESTATE SUFFERS WORST YEAR IN DECADES- Where's the bottom? printed Sunday March 22, 2008. The article can be seen in it's entirety electronically at Where's the bottom?   To g...
Last up date we said "The 5th wave is ending, and there is a bottom at hand. We are now long 3 units of SPH09 or ESH09.There could be some more wash out, and then I figure a quick sharp rally. Never the less we are long!" Well we hoped  we got a bottom and a sharp rally. Now we are ready to start...
Last week I did a phone interview, with a very astute reporter for Inman News. Marty Graham wrote a story on the psychology of the buyers and agents in this market. She is from San Diego and the power of the Internet shows. Marty found me on the Internet, she read some of my blogs and seen my sit...
Franklin Lakes real estate, Bergen County New Jersey Home sales report for 2008. Franklin Lakes showed one of the larger unit volume declines of 60% from the high year of 2004. However, there was only a decline of 15.11% for median home sale price from the prior year which was the high year for m...
With all the foreclosures, short sales, write offs, job losses. Who will be left to get this economy going? I have said many times the government must key this crisis recovery at the strong. They must make guarantees and funding available to investor that can and will buy the distressed assets. T...
Park Ridge Bergen County New Jersey homes sales report, from 2003 to 2008. Although sales volume declines were high at 48.65%, median sales were off 15.09%. Park Ridge located in Northern Bergen County did not have the much vacant land for the wholesale speculation that went on in other areas of ...
The 5th wave is ending, and there is a bottom at hand. March crude Oil, we are flat. Last update we said SPH09 or ESH09 stock index futures.  We missed our short sale. Oh well, I am looking to start buying. We will use a 3 unit strategy. We will buy 1 unit at $775 now, a second unit at $735 and a...
Paramus home sales from 2003 to 2008 show a sales volume decline from 2005 of 43.92%. The median sales price also fell over 12.15% from the high year of 2007. Although the volume has fallen significantly, prices have been resistant to fall as dramatically as other areas of the country. Sellers ha...

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