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The Milford Times had a big headline in the paper this week announcing that two of our family-oriented restaurants closed recently – Klancy’s and The Villa. Klancy’s was a typical. American family diner that featured comfort food and The Villa was a classic Greek Coney Island. Of course there was...
  There was an old 1960’s song that had the line “nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide…” It was done by Martha Reeves and the Vandelas (click here to hear and see the song on YouTube). I thought of that song as I was thinking about the current tight real estate market. There’s almost literally nowh...
From the Jack’s Winning Words blog comes this tidbit - “We never really grow up. We only learn how to act in public.” (A Paraprosdokian) How many of you know the word, paraprosdokian, without looking it up? And yet, it’s something that we use regularly to create humor. To see examples, click on t...
Because so few homeowners really understand what’s involved in the short sale process, many contact me to see if I’ll help them with it. Quite a few never get past that initial contact, once we’ve had time to chat about their situation. A short sale is not just something that you decide that you ...
Below is an article from the News Section of Mar (Michigan Association of Realtors®) concerning a recent issue that has come up in Michigan real estate; as if we needed yet another issue. New Issues Surrounding State Tax Liens 9/4/2012 From the Michigan Association of Realtors Web site -   REALTO...
  I had another short sale closing this week and have had more inquiries about short sales lately. Short sales are still a significant part of the current market, although, like foreclosures, they have declined as a percentage of total sales.   Just about the only thing that most people know abou...
We had one of those sales meetings recently where someone brought up a topic for which every agent in the room seemed to have their own personal horror story. We discussed dealing with overbearing or obnoxious agents who impose themselves into the deal. You know the type. The ones who make statem...
  gone on the Home Tour. The 36th annual Milford Home Tour is Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so this’ll be my last post about it until next year. The Milford Home Tour is organized and run by the Milford Historical Society and gives visitors a chance to go through five of our nice historic hom...
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” (Agatha Christie) from the Jack’s Winning Words blog.   Jack certainly has a knack for finding quotes that seem to be particularly applicable to real estate. Procrastination is perhaps the biggest roadblock to success in real estate. There are man...
I took a look back at the last three years’ worth of sales data that I’ve collected for the Milford market for the month of August. Several things jump out. Distressed sales have fallen dramatically. The size and prices of houses that are selling have greatly increased. The SEV multiplier that pe...

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