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                (440) 521-5399. I want to relay some of the information on the pamphlets that the department of natural resources shared with me when this abandoned gas well was encountered and inspected by the state of Ohio representative. A good reference site is http://www.ohiodnr.com/ . All o...
                (440) 521-5399. This home inspection resulted in a turn of the century gas vent for a pocket of gas that was once used by this old farm house located in Rocky River, Ohio. Back in the late 1800`s gas was drilled for by the farm owner to use for heating and cooking purposes. Drilli...
                (440) 521-5399 With foreclosures still prevalent in cuyahoga county. As a home inspector I see this more often than I would like to. At this home inspection Cleveland, Ohio the water main is disconnected at the meter. A common practice done by the utility company for the bank to p...
                (440) 521-5399 On this home inspection in Rocky River, Ohio our inspectors found this water heater showing signs of improper venting of the heated gases that heat the water for this home. Besides the burn patterns on the outside of the gas chamber, the excessive flaking of the bot...
                This crack in a poured concrete foundation wall was observed on a previous home inspection our company Crown Inspection Solutions performed. (440) 521-5399This crack although seems like a serious crack for most homeowners. This crack can be dealt with without excavatating.There ar...
              At this home inspection in Brecksville, Ohio. I observed this pile of decaying and infested wood. The general rule of thumb is to keep this type of firewood at least 50 feet away from the home. That way if carpenter ants, powder post beetles, or termites happen to decide to have a h...
                 Home Inspection- Bay Village Ohio. Although this gas line was marked as not leaking by the gas company. Our gas detectors indeed verified a gas leak right at the corroded connection. We recommended that a licensed plumber come out to the property and fix the leak and also may be ...
               (440) 521-5399 Recently encountered this nest for a family of mice in the main electrical panel at my last home inspection. It looks like they may have been here for sometime. Recommended resealing all exit and entry points and removing the nesting material by a licensed electricia...
                On this recent sellers home inspection this is what I encountered.This water heater has been expelling its hot carbon monoxide gasses into the mechanical room of this home.  The copper piping has received the blunt of the heated gasses. Notice the pattern on the pipe. Also during ...
                No, your eyes are not deceiving you. On this home inspection Brooklyn Ohio the wall has a considerable hump. The product on this exterior cladding is a T-111. T-111 has a life expectancy of 15-20 years. Ironically this home is 20 years old. The siding has pulled away from the stru...

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