owatonna real estate pros: Impeccably maintained 3+ bedroom rambler at 700 Cardinal Drive, Owatonna MN - 04/04/12 12:32 PM

owatonna real estate pros: Spring, Where for Art Thou in Owatonna, Minnesota? - 04/20/11 05:59 AM
I really shouldn't complain about the weather we've had - it certainly didn't produce the tragedies that the South has had to face as a result of their severe weather.  But nontheless, this long flirtation with winter weather has brought all Minnesotans to the point of shouting in unison "enough is enough"!

We hope that Spring is a sign of homebuyers, buds on trees and flowers blooming, but it's also that time of year in Minnesota when the unwelcome box elder bugs return to stake their claim.  My house faces south and they love the warmth that it offers.  They love to congregate and … (0 comments)

owatonna real estate pros: Spacious & Attractive with Wooded Privacy at 220 Nature Valley Place, Owatonna - owner agent - 04/12/11 10:31 AM

owatonna real estate pros: What's Going On In Owatonna, Minnesota in April? - 03/29/11 07:10 AM
What's Going On In Owatonna in April?                                               
April is Fair Housing month.  Realtors abide by all the fair housing and non-discrimination regulations, and it's a good time to make consumers aware of the laws we that affect our industry and the public. 
Don't miss the Southern Minnesota Family Expo on Saturday, April 2nd at the Four Seasons Centre.
The Galaxy of Quilts will be featured at the Owatonna Arts Center.  The show opens on April 3rd. 
The Eagles Club will host a special luncheon featuring speaker, Patty Wetterling - Healing the Hearts of our Children on Tuesday, April 5th from … (3 comments)

owatonna real estate pros: What's The Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 03/29/11 05:22 AM
Divorce, Life Changes, First Time Buyers and Financial Distress                   
This doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, but it's not meant to be a new mantra.   These life circumstances happen to be fueling the activity in our market area.   The buyers and sellers we are currently working with tend to fall in one of the above categories.  Due to the current market conditions most of our move up buyers and sellers are waiting in the wings - waiting for the market to turn around.  Now we are working with people under stress - and often a lot of it.
Many sellers are … (1 comments)

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owatonna real estate pros: What's The Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 03/08/11 04:21 AM
I'll finally go on record as admitting that I'm ready for Spring.  This month seems to drag on a little - with the promise of Spring, yet it seems that we'll be right back to Winter tomorrow.  We've noticed a bit of a lull in the buyer activity - this weather may have affected their interest in looking right now.  Come on, Spring!
Anyway, instead of just looking at sales activity since the first of the year, which doesn't really give us much to go on (26 homes sold in an average of 119 days at an average sale … (1 comments)

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owatonna real estate pros: What's the Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 02/22/11 04:37 AM
It seems that activity has slowed down a little from our earlier start.  It's always difficult to try to make sense of when and why the level of activity varies as it does.  I was looking at the sales statistics for the year to date and was a little surprised at the low average sale price.  With seventeen homes sold so far this year the average selling price is $106,258.  I know it's quite early in the year to make any predictions from this start, yet it is slightly lower than it was this time last year when the average sale … (0 comments)

owatonna real estate pros: Owatonna Homes are on Sale! - 02/22/11 04:29 AM
We're Having a Real Estate Sale!
In my area of Owatonna, Minnesota we have homes on sale!  Prices are down 10 -20% from the more robust real estate market of 2005.  If every item in the store at Target and Wal Mart went on sale for 10-20% off the most recent price don't you think they'd see sales increase?  I doubt people would say, "No thanks, I'd rather wait and buy when prices go up." 
Just like Warren Buffet pointed out "When Wall Street has a sale (prices down 10-20%) no one shows up."
It's too bad that home buyers are … (3 comments)

owatonna real estate pros: What's the Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 01/06/11 10:18 AM
What's the Real Estate Buzz in Owatonna? 2010 was a down year in our local Owatonna Real Estate market.  We faced some challenges, and yet, I like to think that we are cautiously optimistic for 2011.  As I've mentioned all year the changes in our market will come as consumers find increased confidence with job security and employment opportunities.
We predicted that first time home buyers would be the mainstay of the 2010 market and it appears that it has panned out that way.  One of my lending experts, Brenda Bednar (through Advisor's Mortgage) noted that she is taking applications from … (1 comments)

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owatonna real estate pros: What's the Buzz in Owatonna Real Estate? - 12/15/10 03:47 AM
Boy, winter made an early appearance!  We've seen about 20" of snow so far this year and we're expecting 3" more by tomorrow.  I guess it's a good thing that I enjoy winter outdoor activities. As you may guess, this weather certainly has an adverse influence on our real estate activity.  No one is all that interested in looking at houses in this weather.  Think of how challenging it is to view vacant properties when it's below 0 - most sidewalks and driveways haven't been shoveled and even getting the key from the lockbox is enough to freeze the fingers.  Brrr!

owatonna real estate pros: Owatonna Housing Market by Owatonna Lynn - 11/22/10 09:10 AM
I just wanted to give you a snapshot view of the market in Owatonna.  Most of you know firsthand the challenges associated with selling a home during this current economic trend.  People all around us have been making changes in their spending habits as they try to weather this downturn in the economy.  We're hoping for a bit of a rebound during the retail season this year - perhaps a sign that consumers are ready to loosen their purse strings a little.  We'd sure like to see some positive changes in the housing market in 2011.  Those changes will come slowly.  … (0 comments)

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