houses: The words you use are important! - 01/20/09 09:17 AM

The words you use are not only reflect on you but can have an incredible power with others.  When you speak with unblemished words you use words that are correct and that improve or uplift other peoples value and worth.
As you get better at using unblemished words your relationships and deals will improve.  If you come across as inclusive when speaking with others versus individualistic you will be much more successful.  Words of compassion are much stronger than words of rejection.  Words of acceptance are much stronger than words of repudiation.
So it is important to read lots, study … (7 comments)

houses: Worst habits of all time! - 01/15/09 08:45 AM

Here are the 12 worst habits of all time!
1. Procrastinating
2. Paying bills at the last minute
3. Not delivering on promised documents in a timely fashion
4. Letting receivables get overdue
5. Being late for meetings
6. Forgetting peoples names right away after meeting them
7. Talking over other people instead of listening
8. Answering the phone during family time
9. Working late
10. Handling the mail more than once
11. Choosing work over time with the kids
12. Eating unhealthy several times a week.
Hope this helps!  Until next time...
Pete Olsen
Rent To Own … (6 comments)

houses: Are You Willing To Ask? - 01/15/09 08:34 AM

Most people as you know are afraid to ask for constructive criticism because they are scared about what they might hear!  There truly is nothing to be afraid of.  The truth is not going to change!  We are all better knowing the truth than not knowing it.  How can you improve your life or relationships without feedback?  You can't!
What is the best way to do this?  Ask your friends, boss, colleagues, teammates, or teachers and get their feedback!  Make this a habit once a month.  Do not get defensive with what you hear.  Be grateful for what you hear … (2 comments)

houses: Affirmations for letting go all of your problems! - 01/12/09 06:04 AM

Problems weigh us down.  They stay on our mind and we become very unproductive and our business suffers!  These 5 affirmations will get rid of all that and make you the most productive employee or business owner you can be!
1. I am becoming more and more comftorable with letting go.  I let go of the past and all my fears.  I am free.
2. I release any negative thought that may come up.  i choose a better energy now.
3. i let go of unhealthy or dishonoring habits.  I now create a healthy new lifestyle.
4. I let go of attachment.  i know … (4 comments)

houses: Gratefulness! It is the key to all you desire! - 12/31/08 07:11 AM

I am in Seattle today and I love to watch people as they interact with others and how they treat their fellow man.  I see a lot of people hurrying, rude, complaining, talking about problems, always seeing the glass half full and outright miserable!  And they wonder why these things keep showing back up in their life!
What most people don't realize is that the universe gives back to us exactly what we put into it!  If you ar a chronic complainer you will notice how complaining and problems envelop your life!  If you are one who is always grateful for … (1 comments)


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