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This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to view the movie Fireproof with Kirk Cameron. While the main stream hollywood world may not nominate this movie for any academy award, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you make the time to see it. We live in a throw away society today. The values that ma...
Everyone knows that the way you live in your home and the way you sell your home are two very different things. When selling your home you must prepare it in a way that will showcase the HOUSE! In this photo you may find that the before picture is not so bad. In fact it is actually a great room.....
In today's troubled economy, l fear that many small business owners may be tempted to throw in the towel because all around us it seems that the housing market is doom and gloom. I say that now is the time to market yourself to others, get your name out there and be ready when things return to no...
When Staging smaller rooms with large walls, I always recommend painting an accent wall to my clients. This fabulous 2 story condo is located in Westfield, NJ. The beauty of this condo is that it was about the only two bedroom, two story condo for sale in this building. SO we needed to play up th...
As the Owner and Founder of ReStyled to Sell Home Staging in NJ, I am proud to say that most of our business comes from staging occupied homes. While I LOVE staging a builders vacant model home, I have to admit that the challenge of transforming an occupied home is most fun to me. Over the years ...
Let's face it, today's economy can send everyone running. The news media is all doom and gloom and buyers are holding off for fear of not being able to get financing to purchase their new home. So as a seller, what does this mean to you?? First, when selling your home it is important that you are...
When selling your home it is important that NO ROOM goes unnoticed. When buyers come to view your home it is important that you leave them with a lasting impression. It is wonderful thing that you have put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and you made a galant effort to remove the clutter, BUT ...
When you are preparing your home for sale, no matter how beautiful you may feel that it is, there is ALWAYS something that can be done to enhance the space. Here is a picture of a home that I recently staged. As you can see the furnishings and decor were beautiful. What the space lacked was prope...
In today's sluggish real estate market, sellers may cut corners when preparing their home for sale so they will take the advice of their realtor or a friend as to what may be needed to "stage" their home. Is it always good advice? Yesterday, I was called in for a consultation to a home that has b...
Okay, okay, I was prejudging the show. I watched tonight's episode ($1.8 million home), and from the moment it started I LOVED IT! You're the bomb Matthew. I loved when you looked at your client's living room and WE ALL knew what you wanted to say..BUT YOU DIDN'T. Well, at least not in front of t...

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