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This complimentary report is provided courtesy of Weichert, Realtors - Precision. 4235 Green Bay Rd., Kenosha, WI 53144 Phone: (262) 656-7171 … (0 comments)

kenosha: Market Snapshot for NorthPointe - Kenosha, WI - 10/12/07 04:22 AM
Click HERE for the newest market update on the North Side of Kenosha for the NorthPointe Area:
Ralph Nudi and Associates updates market reports for various communities in the Kenosha area on a regular basis.
Your next Market Snapshot report is scheduled for November 07, 2007 This report is generated directly from the most up to date data - the MLS real estate source. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me via e-mail at: 
Or see my website for your own MARKET SNAPSHOT on your own property. Fill out the Neighborhood Report request link!
Specializing in … (2 comments)

kenosha: <b>HEY ACTIVE RAIN... I WANT MY MONEY BACK</b> - 04/18/07 02:49 PM
So often there is little to say about the kind of SERVICE being provided, or things that are really of value.
The OFFICIAL ACTIVE RAIN BLOG posted an article recently called ACTIVE RAIN TAKES SOME DOWNTIME. I was about to post a smart alek comment like "don't let it happen again" when I started thinking about all the value this site has afforded me in the short time I have been a member. 
  (Picture courtesy of
For Example - As a foreclosure specialist I have tapped in to the resources provided by Melissa Schnieders about getting REO BUSINESS. She even emailed me to refer … (40 comments)

kenosha: Search for Kenosha, WI Homes online - 04/16/07 07:20 AM
Search the ENTIRE MLS for southeastern Wisconsin. Kenosha Homes for sale, Kenosha condominiums for sale, and other Kenosha Real Estate for sale, all available online.
To activate your AUTOMATED EMAIL HOME SEARCH for the Kenosha area log in here:
For information on the entire Kenosha Real Estate market, or for any Real Estate quesions
Contact Ralph D. Nudi
Weichert, Realtors (R) Unum Properties
4816 Green Bay Rd., Kenosha, WI 53144
Phone: (262) 997-0668

kenosha: Kenosha Home For Sale $119,900 - 04/12/07 04:07 PM
3 Bedroom Bungalow in Kenosha, WI being offered for sale as a Pre-Foreclosure Special.
Located at 6407 25th Avenue, Kenosha, WI
Click HERE for a Map to the property
Remarks: Charming 3 bedroom home has many upgrades. Whole interior has been redone in the last five years.
Offered for sale by:
Ralph Nudi
Weichert, Realtors - Unum Properties
Kenosha, WI
Phone: 262-997-0668

kenosha: $114,900 Kenosha Home For Sale - 04/02/07 08:27 AM
$114,900 Kenosha Home For Sale
Printable PDF Flier
1706 74th , Kenosha, WI 53140
Offered For Sale by:
Ralph D. Nudi - Weichert, Realtors® - Unum Properties
Real Estate and Mortgage Solutions under one roof!
Remarks: Pre-Foreclosure Special. Priced under Assessed Value. Great South Side location. Charming 1 1/2 story bungalow with 4 bedrooms, Formal Dining Room, Great Room and Kitchen. Don't miss this Deal!!! 2006 Assessment $130,000.
For more information on this listing contact the Ralph Nudi Team at 262-997-0668 Extension 230 or by email:
To search ALL the homes for sale in Kenosha, use our automated HOME SEARCH request form.

kenosha: The Top 7 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make - 04/01/07 03:36 PM
The Top 7 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make
With my experience as a mortgage professional and real estate agent, I have helped hundreds of people over the years buy their homes. As a foreclosure intervention specialist in the real estate industry, I work with dozens of people each year that are losing their home in foreclosure. Unfortunately their are plenty of mistakes buyers and their agents make during the home buying process that can really cost you as the buyer later on. Here are my top 10 real estate buying mistakes, and how to avoid them. Of course some of these are … (2 comments)

kenosha: HOOKERS, HOCKEY PLAYERS and the Quick Witted Realtor! - 03/31/07 06:31 AM
Ok...   My favorite real estate joke...
 So this  customer walks in to a real estate office and says to the agent on duty, "I'd like to buy half a house."
The agent looks at the customer and scratches his head... "Sir, wait here... I'll be right back." The agent walks in to his managers office, and not realizing that the customer is following him, says to his manager, "Sir, some idiot wants to buy half a house!..." Looking, he suddenly realizes the customer followed him in to the office and quickly adds to his statement, "...and this fine gentleman here, would like to … (11 comments)

kenosha: One of the BEST TOOLS - The STEALTH SITE - 03/28/07 10:03 AM
One of the best tools that I use when marketing on the internet is my STEALTH SITE advertising. These sites provide a form for a consumer to request information up front, and than click's through to my web site, while also email me the lead.
For example. People who want to search for a home in Kenosha online are directed to my Home Search form This web site is a home search form where the consumer can fill in all their criteria, and I can follow up with them. I use this from in a PAY PER CLICK situation on GOOGLE where … (10 comments)

kenosha: Are you an INVESTOR? Who does your agent represent? - 03/28/07 04:09 AM
As an expert on the Kenosha Foreclosure market, I often know what properties are coming on the market as REO's before they are even on the market. My team keeps records of the Kenosha Sherrif's Sale and we not only know what the bank paid at auction for the property, but often we have been in the property consulting with the previous home owner and know the condition of the property.
Because in Wisconsin agents are assumed to be sub-agents of the sellerp; I ethically and legally cannot advise investors what they could or should pay for the property, or give any … (0 comments)

kenosha: KENOSHA, WI Home for Sale $134,900 - 03/23/07 07:54 AM
5310 58th Avenue  SEE MAP    MLS# 885833
Kenosha, WI 53144

kenosha: What to do if you are in foreclosure - 03/23/07 07:42 AM
The foreclosure process can be swift, and usually works in the favor of your lender.
Most mortgage lenders file a foreclosure action when a loan becomes more than 90 days past due.
This means your lender has filed a LIS PENDENS.
A Lis Pendens freezes title. This means that you can not sell, or refinance your property without a release from your lender.
In most cases, you the homeowner are given a 20 day period to respond in writing once you have been served with a packet of paperwork from the courts. Once the 20 day period has elapsed, the lender will request a motion … (0 comments)

kenosha: Are you Facing Foreclosure? - 03/23/07 07:38 AM
You just may be... and don't even know it!
As a foreclosure intervention specialist in Kenosha, WI; I understand your options when faced with foreclosure. I started my Real Estate career in Kenosha as a mortgage lender. As a loan officer I helped hundreds of people buy homes, but was unaware in the beginning of my career how financially illiterate most home owners are. I found that people from all walks of life ranging from laborers to accounting professionals really had no clue how money really works.
It wasn't until I read Robert Kiyosaki's book,RICH DAD, POOR DAD that I began to realize that I … (0 comments)

kenosha: Random Fruits - 03/21/07 10:13 AM
 This site has already helped my efforts as an expert in Kenosha, WI Real Estate and Foreclosure Sales.
I have noticed something strange though. As I post my BLOGS every day I have to type the word I see in order to post. Actually this makes it difficult to post from my PDA which I optimize be screening out photo's and focusing just on the text. You would think logging in would be enough. But the strangest thing is that the word is always the name of a Random Fruit..... hmmmmm
Ralph Nudi
Kenosha, WI

kenosha: Lessons from a Lake Geneva Mansion - 03/19/07 07:34 AM
One of the great advantages to living in Kenosha, WI is how close you are to Milwaukee, Chicago and of course Chicago's playground for the wealthy, Lake Geneva, WI. It never ceases to amaze me how much wealth has been created as a result of Real Estate.
 As I was taking a boat tour with my children, I remember coming across a mansion called Stone Manor. It was not the magnificence of the 18,000 sq' structure, but the story behind it that left an impression. In 1871 there was a little fire in the midwest known to most as The Great Chicago Fire. … (3 comments)

kenosha: The DEATH OF SUBPRIME? - 03/16/07 06:29 AM
Kenosha home sales are down by 28% over last year. Kenosha real estate sales have softened. You can buy a home in Kenosha for pennies on the dollar. Ralph Nudi is the foreclosure expert in Kenosha, WI. You can by under priced homes in Kenosha County by working with Ralph Nudi. Call Ralph Nudi for more information at (262) 997-0668. Ralph Nudi is a Realtor and Co-Owner of Weichert, Realtors - Unum Properties.
The USA TODAY had several articles on March 15 calling for government intervention of the subprime mortgage lending industry. My only question is WHY?
The recent turn of events proves … (4 comments)

kenosha: Today's Kenosha Market - 03/13/07 04:21 PM
The statistics just came out today for the latest Kenosha real estate sales statistics. The numbers show what while there has been a study decrease in the number of homes sold, there is a steady increase of new listings. This information demonstrates a couple of points that can probably be applied to any average midwestern community right now.
#1 The absorption rate of homes on the market has decreased from 30% last year at this time, to only 18% this year. This means home are going to stay on the market longer, and sell for less than last year#2 The number of people … (1 comments)

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