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Nationally, home sales took a nose dive in January, but that was not the case here in Florida. Resales were up 24% over the prior year, and in Orlando real estate sales were up 28% over last year. I think once again, people are seeing Florida and Orlando especially as a place they want to live an...
As of yesterday there were 887 closed sales posted in the MLS with a median sales price of $150,000. Of that number 509 (57%) were identified as distressed sales and 380 of those were labeled as bank owned properties (REO). There are currently 22,500 active listings with 8,341 (37%) properties in...
Last year FHA loan limits here in Orlando were raised temporarily to $353,750. As of January 1st of 2009 the limit dropped back down to $274,750. I just heard today that we are back up to $353,750. About 3/4 of Orlando real estate is now within the FHA limit. Some people think that FHA can only b...
At some point our state legislators have to decide if education is a priority or not. Let's face it, school children do not vote, so we need someone to step up and be their voice in Tallahassee. Florida has consistently ranked as one of the lower states for educational achievement and education s...
My blog www.RealEstateOptimist.com was picked up by World Blog Archive yesterday for syndication. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I can tell you that I am being asked almost daily now to share links or participate in some kind of reciprocal internet advertising. If you google orlan...
That is the question I get pretty much daily. It may be a phone conversation with one of my customers; it may be a comment on my blog; or an e-mail asking questions about down payment assistance or the tax credit. Eventually, that question comes up and I can answer it from two perspectives. First...
***Whenever I write about this, someone comments that "buying foreclosures, fixing them up and re-selling them does not fix anything." I am not suggesting re-selling them, not yet anyway. I am suggesting the government purchase and hold them until the market can absorb them at stable and higher m...
Active listings are trending back down slightly to 22,587 after a slight increase last month. Pending sales are through the roof at 4,174 as of this morning up from 3,830 just last month. Also moving back up somewhat is the median price of the 429 properties that have sold this month so far. Last...
I just pulled up the www.talk.realtor.com page and see the opening post is a criticism of the $15,000 tax credit. I did not read the whole post, but the opening statement assuming that purchasing a $175,000 home that is going to lose 7% of its value reduces the effect of the $15,000 credit. Why n...
January's numbers are due to be released today. I'll check later at www.orlandosentinel.com to see what they say about the release. While sale were up considerably over January of '08 (the sales bottom), prices were down even more as distressed properties made up a majority of the closed sales. E...

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