family: Mother's Day ~ - 05/09/11 04:15 AM
Yesterday I drug my family to the Silverton Hospital Fun Run.  Forcing them to walk three miles with me is an annual Mother’s Day present to myself. This year it was especially hard to coax them out of bed because not only was it raining, it was dumping. 
We are so often running in different directions.  Venturing out together as a unit from time to time is a necessity that feeds me.  I seek a special unified moment regardless of the shape or form it might come in.  I experienced that moment…
We had to stop at the grocery … (2 comments)

family: Playing in the Rain ~ Silverton Hospital Fun Run - 05/07/11 03:20 PM
I coaxed my family out of bed this morning to venture out into the rain for the 28th Annual Silverton Hospital Fun Run.  This is a fun event that brings community members together to celebrate healthy living and raise funds for the Silverton Hospital Network at the same time. 

Lydia Von Weller from Silverton Fitness led the warm up to send us off on our way.  My boys just stood back and watched because they weren't quite sure how to put the "grapevine" steps together. 

My daughter Madeline put up with walking the 5k with me but she really … (2 comments)

family: Positive Mental Attitude = Success - 08/12/10 05:09 AM

No matter what is happening in your work or family life, a positive mental attitude can be the catalyst for success.  As an industry we've gone through an enormous amount of change in the last two... no three... actually four years.  There are more adjustments, struggles, successes, and celebration in our future. As we all know the only thing that is constant in our lives is change. 
Embracing these changes and having control over our mental attitude is the best thing we can all do as individuals.  No matter what each day brings me I will greet it with a … (4 comments)