road race: Chilly Chili 5k - 2009 - 12/31/08 08:17 AM

Well.... The snow flakes have been falling all day and the wind is beginning to howl so my first running event of the New Year is going to be a cold one! 
In the past on New Year's Day I had the advantage of sitting in my office on the Guilford Green while waiting for the Frosty 5k to begin.  Thought I'd be running the Frosty 5k again tomorrow but another event of more historical significance will be taking place so I opted for that race.
Event:   Chilly Chili 5k
When:  January 1, 2009 at 10:30 am
Where: High … (10 comments)

road race: The Playwright Halloween 5k - 10/21/08 11:34 AM
It is that time of year again! The Playwright in New Haven will be hosting their 3rd annual Halloween 5k road race to benefit the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.  October is a great time to run in Connecticut with crisp morning temperatures.  The forecast for Sunday is calling for a warm up into the 50's but we may have some rain.
What:  Playwright Halloween 5k & Kids' Fun Run
When:  Sunday - October 26, 2007 -  10:15 am
Where:  144 Temple St,  New Haven, CT
My first run this year was on January 1st in Guilford at the Frosty 5k were we … (15 comments)

road race: The Marathon Psycho - 10/13/08 01:06 PM

Some people may consider me nuts but I am actually reflecting on the psychology of finishing a marathon. Practically every Saturday this year I have spent a few hours with runners that joined the Team in Training.
During the cold winter months I trained for my First Marathon and learned the importance of mixing up the distance and intensity of runs. Marathon Day in San Diego was an eye opening experience but my finishing time was a bit slower then anticipated.
Upon returning to Connecticut one of the TNT Coaches told me my photo was being used in the promotional … (10 comments)

road race: Not Your Typical 5k - July 16, 2008 - 07/09/08 08:05 AM
On Wednesday July 16, 2008 the annual Main Street Festival returns to Middletown.  This is one of the more spectator friendly events for a 5k race and offers plenty of activity to keep family and friends occupied during the 20-40 minutes it takes most participants to cross the finish line.
Not your typical 5k is a fitting name for this run.  The first time I ran in Middletown was the only time I have ever done a showing in my running gear.  I was working with a young couple that requested a second look at a house in Middletown so I … (8 comments)

road race: Reflections on Reaching the Peak with Team in Training - 05/19/08 11:32 AM
As many of you know back in January I signed on with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's TEAM IN TRAINING.  Since I've always been very level headed I took their sales hype about participation being a Life Changing Experience with a grain of salt and fully expected fundraising to be a difficult task.  Sunday morning as I drove to our longest scheduled run of 20 miles I was reflecting back on the 16 weeks leading up to this point.
During the early months my time was consumed with raising money.  I sent out Press Releases and mailed letters to family, friends … (9 comments)

road race: Races for The Running Realtor in 2008 - 01/14/08 11:44 AM
This year has started out great for Running and Real Estate.  New Year's Day I spent an hour or so in my office on the Guilford Green waiting for the start of the Frosty 5k. Last year I opted not to run this event in the cold pouring rain but the morning showers paused just in time for the run.  It turned out to be a personal record for me, my fastest 5k.
Real Estate is also looking very good after only two weeks of the new year.  Mortgage rates are near the historic lows and both buyers and sellers are accelerating … (20 comments)

road race: Guilford Frosty 5k - 2008 - 12/31/07 07:06 AM

How many of you are starting the year with a resolution to get into better shape? You can begin at the Guilford Rotary Club's FROSTY 5k.   The 3.1 mile road race might be a little ambitious if you have not been exercising but there is a 2k Walk that should suit any fitness level. Registration opens at 9:30 at the Church Street Community Center and the race will start and finish on the Guilford Green.
Event:   Guilford Frosty 5k
When:  January 1, 2008 at 11:00 am
Where: Guilford Green - Exit 58 off 95 and go south on Route 77
Last year a cold rain was pouring down so I decided … (18 comments)

road race: Christopher Martins Christmas Run for the Children - 12/08/07 09:49 PM
Today is race day!  The Christopher Martins 5k was my first running event when I started my latest fitness routine back in 2005.  After spending several weeks walking in preparation for a 2k Thanksgiving Day Event I enthusiastically took on running and made the rookie mistake of cramming my training into just a few weeks.
After that first 5k which I completed with a time only 23 seconds per mile faster than my walk I hobbled around for a week.  Severe knee pain slowed me down as I continued to train and realized the importance of stretching. 
In 2006 this race … (7 comments)

road race: My Rainy Run - 07/19/07 04:28 PM
My streak of running in the rain continued tonight with a few spectators on the sidelines to witness my slower than expected finish time.   About 4:00pm the thunder started rumbling and the rains began to fall. I was hoping it would pass but when I arrived on Main Street in Middletown it was pouring. 
Normally my wife does not attend any of the races but she planned on hanging out with George Souto at the festival.  Due to the heavy rain and slightly behind schedule arrival we didn't have a chance for photo's before the run but managed a few at the end.
George thanks … (21 comments)

road race: The Connecticut Shoreline lost Dave Parcells - 04/23/07 02:11 AM
On Saturday April 21, 2007 the Connecticut Shoreline lost the King of Tampa Bay. 
Dave Parcells died competing in his first choice sport, swimming - in Tampa Bay.
I don't recall when I first knew Dave, maybe 1st or 2nd grade, we grew up in the same area of West Haven and attended St. Louis Parochial School.  The school contained only one class for each grade from 1-8 so we were classmates for years. The little kid from the schoolyard grew into a man of achievement. 
As with many kids from the neighborhood you loose touch as people grow and head in … (3 comments)

road race: The ShamRock & Roll 5k Results - 03/04/07 04:16 AM
Getting ready to leave for a little ski trip and just checked in to see if the results were posted from this morning's run.  My running buddy, far more experienced than me, is a fair weather runner - quits in November and restarts in April but he remains quicker than me. 
Once before a race he gave me his tip, focus in on a nice ass and run.  Told him I'm always back with the retirees, guess I am improving!  Managed to finish with the 27 year olds...
ps.... He was joking when he said it and today was purely coincidental...   ;-))

road race: Easy & Accurate Mapping Tool - 02/11/07 05:45 AM
Just added a new running route to my training plan for my first half marathon and thought this link might be useful for others. 
Not sure how I discovered it but last year I stumbled into America's Running Routes and have used it ever since to keep track of my distance and give me a graphic illustration of the elevation changes on my runs.  It also works great for travelers who want to keep fit.  You can search over 100,000 routes that people have input so you can find a run in Melbourne Beach or Leeds, Maine.

road race: Fairfield Half Marathon - June 24, 2007 - 02/10/07 03:53 AM
This is the Big One..  After running several 5k races in 2006 as January 1st approached I was thinking of New Year's Resolutions.  I came up with the thought of building my running to a half marathon distance ( 13.1 Miles )  Also had a marketing idea to pick out several races for training and send a mailing to many of the runners in my area.  If I missed you here is a copy - New Year's Flyer
The Fairfield Half Marathon was the closest race I found that met my time frame. Figured six months should be adequate to build up my mileage and the race is within … (0 comments)

road race: Guilford Running Event - May 20, 2007 - 02/10/07 03:26 AM
My next race in town this year will be the Guilford Savings Bank 4 Miler with a 9:15 start time from Jacob's Beach.
Directions:  Exit 58, turn south on 77 to the Guilford Green, a right on Broad Street than a quick left onto Whitfield and follow straight, bearing right to Seaside Ave just after the Spaceship Condos.   ( M A P )
In 2006 this was my first bump up in distance after doing a few 5k's and my time didn't suffer much,  came in at 9:05 a mile.   Fast for me but slow enough to keep me in the bottom 25%. With … (0 comments)

road race: North Haven Running Event - April 1, 2007 - 02/09/07 08:55 PM
My next running event in North Haven will be the "NHHS PTSA 5K" on April Fool's Day.  This will be my second time running this course, last year had ideal conditions for me. Weather was sunny and warm ( mid 50's ) allowing me to break the 9 minute mile for the first time.  Seems I stagnated at that speed so it will be interesting to see if I do better this spring.
Start Time :  10:00am Sunday  
Parking:  221 Elm Street   ( MAP )
The map is a little deceiving unless you are familiar with the town, exit 10 off 91 will not get you there as easy … (2 comments)

road race: New Haven Running Event - March 4, 2007 - 02/06/07 10:44 PM
My next race will most likely be the WPLR ShamRock & Roll 5k on March 4th.  That was my first run of 2006 and now that I have a year of training I hope to shave several minutes off of last years time for a new personal best.  Not that I'm fast... I' will be somewhere in the middle of the pack.
Start time is Sunday Morning at 9:00am at Todd's Place. 
Early Registration and a course map can be found at JB SPORTS