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How can preventing icicles save me money you ask?  Well, you know those picturesque scenes with icicles hanging from the roof? They may look pretty – but they can cost you hundreds of dollars if they are on YOUR HOME.Icicles are a clear sign that you’ve got an ice dam, which is exactly what it so...
What is the 5-minute task that will save you money on your energy bills you ask?  It’s properly using your programmable thermostat.We all know we should, but we seem to have some mental block when it comes to programming our thermostats to align with our schedules. It’s not that hard, and sometim...
 What is The Fall Project No One Likes – But Makes a Huge Difference you ask? Cleaning the gutters. It can be so tempting to skip cleaning them out. It’s not fun, and depending on your roof can be down right dangerous! So why then is it so critical?If your gutters are full, your gutters will not ...
How can a $3 device save you thousands of dollars this winter you ask?  Meet the outdoor faucet cover.  Used properly it can help prevent your line from freezing – and it’s amazing what damage a little frozen water can do.When pipes freeze -the can burst. An inch of water in your basement can cos...

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