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44  mid-century urban homes otherwise planned for demolition have been saved by contractor Matt Burton in hopes of relocating them somewhere in the Portland area.  Once said and done, the cost to move these houses with run $15,000 a piece.  In addition, Burton would like to build basement foundat...
  It's a sad sign of the times.  I wonder if this Realtor feels the watchful eyes of the neighbors on him as I do when I go to appraise a foreclosed home.  Does anyone else feel the pain of the new experiences in their RE jobs these days?  We (RE pros) all are often blamed for creating 'this mess...
Portland Oregon was rather late to grasp the idea of condos. It wasn't until the mid 1990s when some developers started reviving the old downtown warehouses into upscale condominiums that people started to eat up the idea of the urban life style.  And then their popularity sky-rocketed.  Around t...
With the fall of creative financing and option of home buying becoming less available to a larger piece of our demographic, some people are clinging to the idea of co-housing or shared living communities.  One such community is happing just down the street.  The Daybreak Cohousing Community has ‘...

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