amarillo real estate: Texas Bluebonnets - 04/29/14 01:59 AM
Do April Showers Really bring May Flowers?
In central Texas, they bring Bluebonnets!  Take a trip and see the state flower of Texas blooming all along the roadside. Start your trip at the state capital in Austin and drive on Highway 183 North to FM 1431 West to the Hill Country.  Be prepared for cars by the dozen pulled over and taking family pictures and just enjoying the air with their perfumed scent. Some people even say this is the biggest reason Texas highways were designed with shoulders. Remember to thank Lady Bird Johnson for these incredible wildflowers, as she was … (1 comments)

amarillo real estate: Visiting Hawaii - 01/24/14 06:30 AM
During this cold weather in January it makes me ready to take a vacation.  I loved this article in Homes By Design Magazine by Blake Miller and makes me ready to visit Lana’i Hawaii.
This tiny jewel in the Hawaiian islands boasts five star accommodations, world class golf, ultra secluded beaches and acres of untouched terrain.
 When you first think of visiting Hawaii, you might envision the bustling city of Honolulu, the trendy island of Maui, or even the quieter Kauai, which has become popular with honeymooners and celebrities. But one of the eight Hawaiian Islands shouldn’t be … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Christmas Garden Of Lights - 12/06/13 05:03 AM
Plan a visit to the Amarillo Botanical Gardens for the Christmas Garden Of Lights going on until Saturday, December 14th 2013.  Admission is free and there are over 100,000 lights!  The event starts at 6PM and goes until 8PM with musical performances every night at 6:30PM. Make it a fun tradition for your family! The Amarillo Botanical Gardens are located just east of BSA.
For more  information
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amarillo real estate: Things to Consider when Choosing a Neighborhood - 11/20/13 05:15 AM
How close will you be to your employment? Driving a long distance may get old in a hurry, and with the cost of gasoline these days . . . How close is the neighborhood to shopping?  If it’s a 20-minute trip…how often will you go shopping? How close is the neighborhood to other important places in your life – houses of worship, schools, parks, medical services? If you need public transportation, does the neighborhood have it? How do neighborhood schools rank in areas important to you? The school district and the Internet are good resources for information. How will your children … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: 5 Ways to Save Water in Your Home - 11/13/13 04:07 AM
5 Ways to Save Water in Your Home
Replace Your Toilets.  If you’re toilet is older than 1992, it likely uses 3.5 gallons or more.  Today’s toilets are down to 1.28 gallons or lower – that’s about 60% less water per flush!
Fix Your Leaky Faucets.  At a drip a second, a leaky faucet will go through 3000 galloons of water a year! 
Wash Full Loads in your washer.  Washers have gotten a lot more efficient about water, with the High Efficiency machines running on 28 gallons vs. 40 for older models.
Showers, Not Baths.  A … (3 comments)

amarillo real estate: Three Cleaning Tips - 11/11/13 04:56 AM
Three Cleaning Tips
Dust while you are talking to a friend on the phone or fold clothes and towels while you are watching television.
Clean top to bottom.  Cleaning your rooms from top to bottom (literally) so you don’t create more work as you work your way through each room.
Consolidate your cleaning supplies.  Keep your cleaning supplies in one designated cleaning storage area.  No more looking from room to room on where you left one product last time.
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Connie Taylor
Keller Williams Realty

amarillo real estate: Visiting Victoria British Columbia - 11/08/13 04:34 AM

amarillo real estate: Keys To Selling Your Home - 10/25/13 06:18 AM
Keys To Selling Your Home - Basic keys to selling success.

1) Curb appeal counts. Most home buyers want homes which look great from the outside. It's not just a question of curb appeal -- it's about perception. If a home looks good from the street it probably means the property is ready for a new occupant without a lot of cost or hassle.
Buyers tend to pass on a home that doesn't appeal to them from the street -- not even bothering to look inside. An experienced local REALTOR® can show you how to generate the most curb appeal with … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Spic and Span - 10/17/13 03:06 AM
I really liked this article in Homes by Design magazine, maybe we need to all start a fall cleaning schedule.
Spic and Span
Creating a Cleaning Schedule for your Home
Written by Ashley Gartland
There’s nothing like an orderly house to make you feel proud, accomplished, and comfortable in your surroundings—especially as the weather changes and we retreat back into our homes this fall. But keeping a busy house neat and tidy can also feel like an impossible task if you don’t approach your seemingly endless chore list with a well-laid plan.
Fortunately, you can easily … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Sleeping Soundly - 10/10/13 07:19 AM
I loved this article in Homes by Design magazine, we all need to sleep soundly at night to have a great next day!
Sleeping Soundly
Written by Ashley Gartland
Unlike other pillars of good health such as eating well and exercising, we tend to downplay the important role sleep plays in our lives. We loosely understand that sleep helps our bodies and minds function properly and yet few of us pay adequate attention to the amount or quality of sleep we get when our head hits the pillow each night.  
Unfortunately, our overall ignorance of the subject of … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Tips For Bedroom Colors - 10/02/13 07:57 AM
Tips For Bedroom Colors
1. Find a fabric that has at least three colors.
2. Cool or pastel colors create a calming and soothing effect.  If you want bold colors, choose neutral as your foundation and add the bold as accents or in accessories.
3. For tranquility choose outdoor colors.
4. If you have an amazing view from your bedroom, use muted tones to not distract from the view as the focal point.
5. Lighter colors and mirrors will make the room seem larger. Darker colors create a feeling of a smaller more intimate room.
This information is presented … (1 comments)

amarillo real estate: Keeping Water Away From Your Foundation - 05/17/13 07:05 AM
Keeping Water Away From Your Foundation
Great information from Yahoo!Real Estate:
Water is good for trees, shrubs and many other plant forms. It’s not, however, always good for your house, especially when your property stays wet and does not drain properly.
To protect your home, the soil around the home should slope away from the foundation on all sides.
Typically, the recommended slope is one inch per foot for at least six feet away from the home. This rule of thumb is not always possible for hard surfaces like drives and walks. However, with these impervious surfaces, water can keep moving … (1 comments)

amarillo real estate: Needing a Bathroom Update?! - 04/25/13 06:40 AM
Needing a Bathroom Update?! Start with finishing things off with changing/adding handles that match your bathroom fixtures or decor theme. Brighten things up. Repainting your bathroom with light colors can make it feel more spacious. If your bathroom has windows or skylights, use window treatments and accents that maximize the amount of light that comes through to give the room a more airy feel. Find the best use for your space. Move bathroom cleaning items to a hall closet if you are stretched for storage space in your bathroom, especially if you have freestanding storage units that are taking up valuable … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Remodeling Secrets - 04/19/13 06:57 AM
Remodeling Secrets
Getting ready to put your home on the market? Here are a few key spots around the house that yield the best payback when it comes to selling: 
- Put in a new front door or paint your old one. The front door is one of the most important things in selling a home that many people tend to overlook. The typical cost for this project is usually under $1,300 and pays back around 73 percent when selling your home. Use bright colors for your door. Colors like reds, tangerine, and indigo are sure to impress buyers. 
- If you … (3 comments)

amarillo real estate: Fountain Of Youth - 03/01/13 01:21 AM
Fountain of Youth - Fight the effects of aging with six easy lifestyle changes
I loved this article written by Ashley Gartland in Home by Design Magazine.  Some great tips for us!
With each passing year, your body and mind are aging. But growing older doesn’t have to be an inevitable fact of life. Aging is, in fact, something you can control. By making lifestyle changes and practicing good habits each day, you can slow, and even reverse, the aging process without turning to cosmetic surgery or extreme diet and exercise programs to keep your body in check. … (1 comments)

amarillo real estate: A Visit to Portugal - 01/24/13 01:36 AM
I loved this article about Cascais, Portugal in Home by Design Magazine written by Ruth Wertzberger Carlson.  I think I am ready to book my flight!  Take the trip with me...
Not many North Americans visit Portugal, and when they do it’s usually just Lisbon. But just a half hour away, Cascais is a mixture of old-world charm and cosmopolitan restaurants and boutiques. Where else would you find peacocks roaming by colorful, modern outdoor art sculptures and millionaires sunbathing on yachts next to fisherman repairing nets on colorful wooden boats?
 Old town is the place to stay. It’s … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Great News For Amarillo Texas - 01/16/13 05:36 AM
Great News For Amarillo Texas
AMARILLO (Amarillo Globe-News) – Area construction spending is at its highest since a record set seven years ago.
Permits were issued for $440.9 million in projects during 2012, the highest value of permits in Amarillo since 2005, when permits totaled $454.8 million. The value of permits issued in December alone was $115 million, much of that for The Residences at Town Square, a four-story, 480-unit luxury apartment community planned by The Williams Group.
About a third of Amarillo’s construction spending — $131.6 million — was dedicated to single-family home building. … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: Choosing a Paint Color is Like Choosing a Spouse - 11/30/12 06:30 AM
I love this article in Home by Design magazine about choosing a paint color!
Sunny Disposition
Written by Maresa Giovanniniin Home by Design Magazine
Selecting the perfect interior paint color can be a lot like choosing a spouse: it should make you feel unreservedly happy. Granted, you can always trade in a can of paint for a new shade if it doesn’t work out, but invest time in identifying the perfect hue, and that won’t be necessary. “When you wake up in the morning, if you can’t just sit down with your coffee or tea and just … (0 comments)

amarillo real estate: The Frugal Host - 11/14/12 05:45 AM
I love this article about entertaining for the holidays. It was in the magazine Home by Design.
The Frugal Host - How to shrink your costs while entertaining in style
Written by Ashley Gartland
 When entertaining during the fall and winter seasons, it’s easy to unintentionally stretch your budget beyond your means. With the price of food, drinks, and decorations, hosting holiday parties and family gatherings can easily add up. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend the big bucks to create a memorable party. Whether you’ve volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner or want to invite your neighbors over for a … (2 comments)

amarillo real estate: Join the Coupon Craze - 08/24/12 01:53 AM
Wanting to Join the Coupon Craze?  I thought I might, but where to start?  I found this article by Ashley Gartland in Homes by Design Magazine very helpful.  Now to put it to the test and start saving some money!
You need only watch an episode of Extreme Couponing to recognize that everyone from moms to busy professionals has caught coupon fever—and with good reason. In these lean times, couponing helps shoppers save on groceries and household items and “buy” products without actually paying for them.
In just a few hours a week, you too can start couponing to … (1 comments)

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