hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo / house update for Feb 12 to Feb 18. - 02/18/17 09:56 PM
Aloha from Princeville Kauai,
There were no new listings in homes or condos this week, but there were two new condo sales and two new home escrows. Here is your update:
Contingent Sales
297988 CND C 159 $497,000 4-5-4-5-39-59 FS Cliffs #2309 1,137 sqft 2 2.00
602104 CND S 10 $495,000 4-5-4-12-2-31 FS HALE MOI #211 1,033 sqft 1 2.00SOLD 2/13/2017 for $475,000 (CNV) DOM 10
299838 CND S 101 $599,000 4-5-4-12-9-18 FS PALI KE KUA #140 993 sqft 2 1.01SOLD 2/16/2017 for $522,000 (CASH) DOM 101
Under Contract
297340 CND U 203 $182,700 4-5-4-12-8-1 LH Pali Ke Kua Ii #1 993 sqft 1 1.01
Price Changes
291749 CND A … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) + short sale update for the week of Sep 12th to 18th - 09/20/10 01:01 PM
If you were ever curious as to just how far away Africa is, let me tell you, it is far. 5.5 hours from Kauai to LA, 4.5 hours from LA to Atlanta and then there's always the 15.5 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesberg. Was it worth it? Most definitely. But I'd better not get started or we'll never get to this weeks update:
Copyright 9/20/2010 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS238812 CND AT CPR A 4 4-5-3-11-1-26 FS $878,000 Villas On The Prince #26 6,000 sqft 1,765 #26 3/3.00238674 CND AT CPR A 3 4-5-3-6-22-43 FS $1,695,000 Kaiulani Of … (2 comments)

hawaii condos: Kauai Hawaii June 2010 Market Statistics - 07/12/10 09:12 AM
June 2010 Kauai Hawaii Market Statistics
We have yet another increase this month over June of 09 with 43 sales in 09 compared to 72 for June 10 which represents a 67% increase. Year to date for 09 we were at 213 sales with 344 showing for year to date 10. This is another healthy 61% increase. It would be my guess that many of these sales are short sales and foreclosures as they are at such favorable pricing these days it's hard to pass them by.
Of the 72 sales in June, 38 were single family homes, 9 land, … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Jul 4th to 10th - 07/11/10 12:37 PM
It's been another somewhat quiet week - although a very beautiful sunny one. Short sales and REO's continue to dominate the market with two new condo short sales coming on the market and two going into escrow this week. Here is your update:
Copyright 7/10/2010 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS236584 CND AT CPR A 4 4-5-4-5-23-21 FS $377,000 Plantation At Princeville #611 1,153 #611 2/2.00236696 CND AT CPR A 3 4-5-4-5-24-15 FS $649,000 Nihilani At Princeville Resort #5C 1,986 #5C 3/3.00236681 CND AT CPR A 3 4-5-4-5-39-175 FS $995,000 Cliffs At Princeville #8201 963 #8201 1/2.00
BACK ON THE … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai Hawaii condo (and house) update for the week of Jun 27th to Jul 3rd - 07/04/10 02:21 PM
Happy Fourth of July! I hope all of you are enjoying the same magnificent weather as we are here on Kauai. We enjoyed the fireworks at PMRF last night and tonight you can see even more at the Vidinha Stadium where the Kauai Hospice presents their annual fundraiser, "Concert in the Sky." It's a fun filled day with live music, crafts, games, food and of course, culminating in a fantastic fireworks display.
There are no new listings this past week but we did have 5 properties come back on the market for one reason or another while 4 others went … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: A change in Kauai Short sales and the MLS - 06/30/10 07:57 PM
As of July 1st, the Hawaii MLS is changing their rules to require that all short sales be changed to "contingent" as soon as an offer is accepted by the seller. Previously, many agents kept their listings as "active" until they had acceptance by the bank. This meant that although a property showed as an active short sale, a call to the agent was typically required in order to see if there were any offers in play. I'd be curious to know how short sales are handled on other MLS platforms.
Just for fun, here is a list of all … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of June 20th to 26th - 06/27/10 11:39 AM
Ok, so it's not a sizzling hot summer - but that's not due to lack of good inventory. A large part of it may be difficulty in obtaining a loan. Whatever normal roadblocks there used to be, you can now multiply that by 5 or 10 and plan on extending your closing while you're at it. Getting a loan these days - especially for a condo in a resort area, can be quite challenging due to the guidelines set forth by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and if you go for a portfolio loan, be ready to pay higher points … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of June 13th to 19th - 06/20/10 11:42 AM
I love to read headlines and then to interpret what is actually being said. For example, in the June 7th Honolulu edition of the Pacific Business News the headline read "Kauai home, condo sales soar in May, prices aren't following suit." Wow, I said to myself, did I miss something? Since I report on the stats each month, I thought I'd better go back and take a second look and here is what I found:
Yes, I guess sales did "soar" if you consider a 46% increase in total sales, going from 37 properties sold in May 09 to 54 … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of June 6th to 12th - 06/14/10 11:41 AM
Seems the bank REO's and short sales are finally finding buyers both in condos and homes. Take a look at this week's update:
NEW LISTINGS235814 MTF,RES SA CF A 1 4-5-3-6-22-1 $1,495,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #1 18.00 ac 2,843 #1 3/3.01235875 RES SA CF A 1 4-5-3-6-22-56 $1,395,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #56 18.00 ac 2,443 #56 3/3.01235459 RES LR CF A 6 4-5-4-12-11-55 $1,488,000 Puu Poa #413 1,765 #413 2/2.00
CONTINGENT SALES232789 RES LR CF C 9 4-5-4-5-18-68 $229,999 Puamana #19B 1,532 #19B 2/2.00231562 RES LR CF C 122 4-5-4-5-4-2 $299,000 Princeville Mauna Kai #2A 1,503 #2A 2/2.00234345 RES OT,SA … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of May 30th to Jun 5th - 06/06/10 07:48 AM
It was a relatively quiet week with what seemed to be an absence of buyers. To some degree, it can be attributed to the beautiful weather, as most people prefer to enjoy the sun and beach as opposed to looking at real estate. I'm not saying that a hard core buyer wouldn't be out on a sunny day but I do have to admit that most buyers these days seem to be of a more casual type, feeling that time is on their side, so there's no need to hurry. Thus, the escape to the beach when the weather is … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: May 2010 Kauai Market Statistics - 06/04/10 02:50 PM
May 2010 brought with it a 46% increase over the number of sales in May of 09, going from 37 to 54 transactions. Of these sales, 27 were residential, 7 land, 2 commercial and 18 were condo sales. Year to date we are still ahead of 09, with 272 sales so far this year compared to 170 as of this time in May 2009. This is a slight increase over 2008 which had 264 sales up to the end of May with 447 sales year to date for 2007. Of course, these numbers don't begin to compare with the "heyday" … (2 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of May 23rd to 29th - 05/30/10 12:38 PM
Happy Memorial Day weekend. Judging from the bright blue skies and our wonderful tradewinds, it seems like it will be a holiday weekend enjoyed by all. Here is your update for this week:
Copyright 5/30/2010 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS234452 RES LR,SA CF A 3 4-5-4-5-23-22 $497,500 Plantation At Princeville #612 1,153 #612 2/2.00
BACK ON THE MARKET234032 RES SD CF A 39 4-5-4-12-3-23 $649,000 Hanalei Bay Villas #23 1,244 #23 2/2.01
SALES232998 RES CD CF S 11 4-5-3-6-22-17 $1,495,000 Kaiulani Of Princeville #17 2,864 #17 3/3.01SOLD 5/27/2010 for $1,300,000 (CASH) DOM 11
218639 RES FC FR S 4-5-4-5-23-30 … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of May 16th to May 22nd - 05/23/10 09:05 AM
I guess I better quit saying that we are hoping the market will pick up once we "get into summer" because in another week we'll be out of May and officially into what is typically the "hot summer months." Sales have been tenuous, with plenty of good buys but not enough good buyers, or so it seems. Every now and again we see a spurt of activity and overall it seems to be on the upswing as sellers either come to terms with pricing or are forced into a short sale or foreclosure situation. Take a look at what went … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Kauai April 2010 Market Statistics - 05/05/10 12:30 PM
Another month has flown by, bring with it new statistics! The market continues to be littered with short sales and foreclosures which - in regards to the short sales, can often take months to close. I've seen some good buys though if you can hang in there. At the same time, I've seen seeing some very attractive pricing from sellers which is what separates those who really want to sell from those who just think about selling.
For the past month of April, there were a total of 64 sales which is a 39% increase over the 46 sales of … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Apr 25th to May 1st - 05/02/10 10:24 AM
Happy Belated May Day to everyone. Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to support "Leadership Kauai" by attending their "Let Me Lead" benefit luncheon aboard the Golden Princess Cruise ship in Nawiliwili Harbor. This $40 p/p extravaganza was extremely well priced as it included a silent auction, Hawaiian music by Doric Yaris, and an ono gourmet lunch in the opulent dining room with a choice of salmon or chateaubriand. Afterwards, Dorin Kaauwai (a dancer extraordinaire) gave a cha cha lesson then we danced several more dances to big band sounds from the Starlighters. This sold old event started at 11 … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville condo (and home) update for the week of April 18th to 24th - 04/27/10 08:19 AM
You'd probably find it hard to believe that although I live a mere 10 minute drive from breathtaking Hanalei Bay, I can't remember the last time I was there. Like so many other people who live in resort areas (which is pretty much all of Kauai) I find that I end up working far too much and neglect taking time to enjoy the surrounding beauty. So today I made it a point to go to the Beach. I have to say, it's been so long since I've been there that I'd forgotten how mesmerizing it is. Not intellectually, mind you. … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville Kauai condo (and house) update for the week of Apr 11th to 17th - 04/18/10 12:32 PM
It's been a pretty cold week, with temps getting down into the 60's at night and staying in the 70's by day. Add in a cool breeze and some showers here and there, and once again, you can easily tell visitors from locals by their clothing. Tank tops for some and sweats and jeans for the others. Your blood really does get thinner in the warmer climates - at least, that's how it seems. Real estate showings have been brisk but sales have keep their slow pace. Take a look:
Copyright 4/18/2010 by Hawaii Information Service
NEW LISTINGS233890 T A … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Oasis Restaurant at the Waipouli Beach Resort - Kapaa, Kauai - 04/13/10 01:55 PM
I made mention of the Oasis Restaurant in my last update - I've been meaning to get there since reading about it in an article entitled "New Kauai restaurant buying local" in the April 2nd edition of the Pacific Business News. Here is what that article had to say - "A new restaurant on Kauai has committed to sustainability by buying local. About 80 percent of the meat, fish, fruits and vegetables purchased for Oasis on the Beach at the Outrigger Waipouli Beach Resort is from the Garden Isle. Owner-operator Stefan Mandel says 85 percent of the restaurant is sustainable … (1 comments)

hawaii condos: March 2010 Kauai Market Statistics - 04/12/10 12:27 PM
March saw much greater activity this year than the same time last year, going from 41 sales in Mar 09 to 60 in Mar 10 leading to a year to date comparison of 87 for last year to date to 153 this year to date. We also had 60 sales in March 2008. Going back as far as 2005, the high for the month of March was an amazing 261 sales in March 2006 which was also the highest year to date with 487 sales. Of the 60 sales this past month, 24 were residential, 7 land, and 29 were … (0 comments)

hawaii condos: Princeville condo (and house) update for the week of Apr 4th to 10th - 04/11/10 10:28 AM
I recently read about a new restaurant in Kapaa - the Oasis at the Waipouli Beach Resort and last night I had the opportunity to try it. Let me tell you, it was one of the nicest dining experiences I've had on this Island. Yes, there are many good restaurants on Kauai with excellent food, but very few have the ocean front viewing like the Oasis. I plan to do a blog on this restaurant this week, but if you have time, drop in and check it out. You won't be disappointed.
As for real estate, based on this past … (0 comments)

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