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Good Morning,   Market news?  Well, interest rates are holding steady but the markets themselves are not really determining anything in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which,  closed down Wall Street for the past two days. My wife and I have been riveted by seeing the amount of devastation that has ...
Good Afternoon,   I had an unexpected hour wait in traffic yesterday and it gave me a little time to think, seeing my bumper had fairly minimal damage from the driver behind me who may or may not have been a little distracted.  Rarely the case when I’m on the way home for the day, it made me thin...
Good Morning,   So, did you sit and watch the presidential debates last night or possibly the Major League Baseball playoff game? I chose to watch the latter not necessarily because I feel the debates aren’t worth watching.  I just get a little overwhelmed with the amount of fact checking I have ...
Good Morning,   In the mortgage world, it’s been a fairly uneventful week with interest rates hovering almost as low as we have ever seen. Will they go lower? There is always a possibility that they will, one can never be 100% certain. This Friday, the jobs report will be released and that tradit...
Good Morning,   There was some big news in the mortgage industry last week.  The Federal Reserve announced Quantitative Easing 3, which will funnel another $40 billion into purchasing mortgage backed securities.  Wow, that’s a lot of money.  Even more so when you consider that the $40 billion is ...
Good Morning,   A quote from a friend of mine yesterday:   "Remembering 9/11/01 today, seems like it was yesterday. However, as the time passes we tend to forget how we united as a nation that horrible day. At a minimum, just try to at least respect one another. TRY to do the right thing. Treat o...
Good Morning,   While interest rates are sitting in a good position right now, there is something coming soon that could affect interest rates quickly.  What will bring about this change is the price that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac charge to Lenders for their interest rate pricing.  These are ref...
Good Afternoon,   Below you’ll see that there was an ever-so-slight improvement in interest rates over the past week.  On Friday, Ben Bernanke will be speaking at the Annual Economic Symposium.  We most likely won’t see any major shifts in the interim. So, on to something I feel needs a little re...
Good Morning,   Interest rates continued to rise last week after my market update but we are seeing a reprieve today, bringing us back to the same level we saw at this time last week.  The main reason we are seeing rates starting to rise seems to be due to economic data coming out of Japan being ...
Good Afternoon,   You’ll see below that rates have taken a leap higher than we’ve seen over the past couple weeks.  A lot of this is based on speculation throughout the market.  Will the Federal Reserve take more measures to help our stalling economy?  What will happen in Europe with Greece and S...

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