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 This will be a fun post to explore happenings around the Nation.It isn't often that Michigan is listed on any grouping of Business-Friendly areas.  It is the attempts being made by Governor Rick Snyder to reform the business taxes in the state.In last Friday's WSJ in the section Review & Outlook...
It is hard to stay positive at times what with the events happening  just here in our Nation.When I read & hear some of the comments made since Wisconsin; it makes me:...angry;...worried;...disbelieving;...aghast;...concerned.Sometimes all the above or some combination thereof happens at the same...
Last night we received @ 3" snow around here,...Macomb Twp, Macomb Co. Michigan;...the actual depth is up for formal announcement;...our Home is positioned so that we do get more wind-driven depths;...whatever the total was, it was that heavy snow;...wanting to get it down to the cement, the snow...
Discover for yourself just what Serengeti Animal YOU are;...really is an interesting and informative aspect of How well do YOU know yourself; do YOU approach YOUR Business; do YOU interact with YOUR Business colleagues;...a fun exercise, via the Quiz, to see how YOU are rated as a Ser...
  Many folks across the nation have been experiencing various forms of 'upper respiratory' difficulties.Reports of such 'flu' & related symptoms are filling the airways;I thought that the "Flu" had come & gone by now, but apparently, Michigan is showing an increase in this year's event.We have  "...
The Bells were heard;The knocking soon followed;The personal groans were uttered;The foyer was the destination.We had been in the snow;We shoveled & blew;We were cold & tired;We weren't expecting a visitor.Out front we spied a vehicle bright Red;The fur-hatted man with cheeks so rosy;Held out his...
As we celebrate or rather commemorate this day to "celebrate the Presidents  Past"; the folowing facts are a basic part of the date:...No US Mail delivery;...State Offices are closed;...Courts are not in session;...Many School Districts are closed for the day, [or in our case--for the week as a w...
          Must be the Full Moon;Must be that it is a Friday at 8:05 p.m.;Must be that it is our Home on a Friday after working Hours;Whatever IT is---our Furnace is making strange "whistling noises";Whistling that has been identified as coming from the Heat Exchanger area--in our Furnace---at 8:0...
         Yesterday, Governor Rick Snyder presented his 2012 Michigan Budget.A budget which does touch most of us;A budget which touches some of us in unexpected ways [but not necessarily unfair ways];A budget which had it's leaks, some correct & some way off base;A budget that all knew was coming...
       This is the week of Budget presentations for the Nation, State & other local municipalities;This is a time of anticipation and perhaps shock moving toward rejection [as in  "not in my back yard...."];This is a time where the economy, trends -some set in the concreter of time-& reality must...

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