maryland real estate agent: Freddie Mac Programa Para Desempleados - Ventas Cortas / Short Sales Maryland Virginia - 01/13/12 03:52 AM
Freddie Mac Programa Para Desempleados
Mortgage Assistance Programs - Freddie Mac

Si usted está desempleado y tiene una hipoteca con Freddie Mac. La noticia no podría ser mejor.
Una venta corta (short sale) sigue siendo una solución sensible cuando su casa está bajo el agua y ud. está desempleado.
Pero no hay necesidad de apresurarse si usted ha perdido su trabajo.
Freddie Mac ha anunciado que los propietarios que se encuentren desempleados pueden solicitar una tolerancia oficial después de que ya faltado algunos pagos. Como dueño de casa, Ud. puede saltar hasta un máximo de 12 meses de pagos de … (4 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Freddie Mac Unemployment Program - 12 Month Mortgage Assistance - 01/13/12 03:20 AM
Freddie Mac Unemployment program
Mortgage Assistance Programs - Freddie Mac

If you are unemployed and you have a Freddie Mac owned mortgage. The news could not be better.
A short sale remains a sensible solution when your home is underwater and you are unemployed. 
But there is no need to rush  it if you have lost your job.
Freddie Mac has announced that unemployed homeowners who apply for an official forbearance after already missing some payments can skip up to a maximum of 12 months of their mortgage payments. Only after that, if the homeowners are still unemployed … (3 comments)

maryland real estate agent: TAX RELIEF FOR SHORT SALES EXPIRES IN 356 DAYS - 01/11/12 11:40 PM
Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons to do a short sale now rather than waiting. This law could save you thousands of dollars. .
Should you consider and elect to do a short sale, rather do it now than later. . 

The clock is ticking until the expiration of the 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act expires on the last day of December this year.  Previously set to expire earlier, Congress extended the expiration date to end in effective January 1, 2013.  Will it be extended again?  Is it necessary?
The extension should be extended again – but that … (4 comments)

maryland real estate agent: When a Short Sale Becomes A Better Option in Maryland - 01/05/12 01:09 PM
SHORT SALESWhen a foreclosure is looming. .
a short sale is a better option!
No deficiency short sales being performed in a regular basis. .
call 240-426-5754

Is a short sale an option for me?
Short Sales Short Tales : It Never Happened
Short Sales Short Tales: She Cut The Blinds!
Short Sales Short Tales: Going Back!
SHort Sales - Short Tales:  A FAX RANT
Short Sales - Short Tales :  The Price
Short Sales - Short Tales :  Being Afraid
Short Sales - Short Tales : The Fast Talker

maryland real estate agent: The Shrinkage Factor for Short Sales In A Pool Of Buyers - 12/16/11 01:54 AM
  Agents, when you call on a listing agent to ask. .How many loans on this short sale? The answer really does not reveal anything to help your buyer(s) make a decision. . There are hundreds if not thousands of (one loan) short sales that where not approved. .and there are thousands of (two loan) short sales that were approved. . Better questions you may want to ask? Have you already send a complete package to the lender PRIOR to putting the property in the market? HAFA Short Sale? . .then asking price is the already approved price? My client wants to write an offer, can you share with me the bank's … (3 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Nibbling at the bullet and letting Citigroup off the hook… - 11/16/11 12:56 AM
Instead of the government helping the people that needs it the most. . the same lenders are pushing the Government to alleviate their losses with policies paid by helpful  lobbyists inside Washington DC
At the root of this crisis is that there’s a bailout going on FOR THE LENDERS and not the distressed homeowners!
The loan modification nightmare that homeowners are being forced into signing(a pact with the devil), will only extend the agony of the housing crisis.
A great post, bringing a glimpse of what is wrong with the system.

The new HARP 2.0 rules that go into effect soon … (3 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Strategic Default, Principal Forgiveness and the Specter of Moral Hazards - 11/14/11 12:10 AM
A great article that asks the question most asked by confused homeowners. . the reduction of principal in order to keep a homeowner in a home.
In my opinion, selective principal reduction will not work because all homeowners would want the same thing. .and the banking system would collapse because of it.
As simple as this approach would be, this is how I humbly present to you how to fix the housing crisis in the US right now . . . in just 30 days!
#1 Home underwater?, behind on your payments? lender pays for a full appraisal and determine the … (1 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Banks offer deals to encourage short sales instead of foreclosures - 11/12/11 12:18 AM
When it comes to short sales, I can tell you that I was there when it all begun. .my first short sale was the most enduring horrific experience that I will never forget. . it seemed that even the bank did not know what a short sale was. .
A few years later.. things have changed
In my area, short sales are on the rise and foreclosures are on decline. 
Finally, lenders realized that we ARE HELPING THEM AS WELL!
Bank of America is testing foreclosure waters with an incentive program for defaulting homeowners to “short sell” their homes instead of enduring … (6 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Scam or not? Guilty or innocent? Where did all the money go? - 11/05/11 12:57 AM
There are no excuses when schemers prey on homeowners during distressful times . .as such is the case on this post. .
In a world of short sales and foreclosures. . it is sad to see people hurting people for a profit. . whole families being devastated and sometimes. .. it seems that no one really cares. . such as this story.. .
 Scam or not?     Guilty or innocent?     Where did all the money go?
I'm not sure if this is a sad story or simply a story of a man in court that was resisting the banks attempt … (10 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Two Tips for Writing Offers on Short Sales - 10/30/11 03:07 AM
Short Sales in Maryland
A very good article that depicts why short sales are so frustrating for many participants. It pays to be prepared and it pays to be working with someone that has the experience to take it to completion. .
For MD, DC or VA
Cue the violin music.
This is the tragic (yet typical) story of a buyer’s agent and her buyer who put an offer in on a short sale that ultimately ended up in foreclosure. The buyer showed an interest in living in a home in a specific neighborhood. There were many properties to choose … (7 comments)

maryland real estate agent: Short Sales - Short Tales: "Hey, You Are Selling It Too Cheap!" - 10/21/11 02:40 AM

"Short Sales and Ignoring Reality" 

When we take a short sale listing, we analyze the surrounding market and all the comparable before we decide on a price. . .
Most of the time, our clients trust our suggestions, because we also have it in black in white. . meaning that we bring all the listings (printed) for the last 6 months as we carefully analyze them with the homeowner being present..
Most of them are shocked at the current prices in their neighborhood and solidifies their decision made going forward with a short sale.
"Our price goal for every short sale … (10 comments)

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