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Larry Kudlow writes a piece about the housing report that came out this week. He see the negative things that the press reported but he also sees what they, I assume, chose not to report. Could this be beginning of the bounce back, let's pray! The Media Are Missing the Housing Bottom Media report...
GREAT NEWS!!!!   Today Fannie Mae announced they are will be changing their previous position; regarding additional down payment requirements for financing a home located in a declining market. (see article below)   We have been in contact with the market as well as with the MI companies, to dete...
 Here's the article we've been waiting for. God, I hope it's true. I have an Eco Degree from FSU so I get it and understand it. I think Cyril Moulle-Berteaux does a great job explaining why we may be at the bottom of the slide, namely "affordability"! He also explains why by 2009 we should be in ...
 These are the loan limits in the Orlando MSA, go to to find out what your area limits are. This can be a shot in the arm for us in the Real Estate and Mortgage business.
 Help your past clients and current sellers/buyers make the most of their home purchase by being up to date on the new Florida Amendment 1. The fact that we get an extra $25,000 more of homestead exemption is great, but the portability factor is what can really change the perspective of the home ...
 This is what can happen when good people come together for the right reasons. I want to thank all that came out and took part in the first Bikes for Tikes Bike Build. Over 130 selfless folks from all walks of life came together on Dec. 2nd, 2007 and built 500 bikes for Toys for Tots. (look at th...
 Here is a list of articles to go to where you can see the other side. Please remember to only trust this information as far as you can verify it with your own knowledge or research. I'm sure you've done your homework on Al Gore's movie and went beyond just taking him at his word. I mean he's fir...
Again, this year was a great success, and we thank everyone that made it all possible. Over $10,000 was raised this year at our Great South Auction and BBQ. And this money will help support the charities we fund and the community projects we participate in. Every year, our members, neighbors and...
Every year we hear it again and again, "I won't cook another turkey for as long as I live, I'll just bring'em here and let you do it, it's the best deal going!" And it's true, for just $10 we'll take your thawed turkey, roast, ribs, or almost anything and turn it in to something so special, you'...

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