tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Owning Your Tooele UT Home Better Than Renting - 04/22/17 05:33 AM
Owning a Home in Tooele UT is Much Better Than Renting Buy or Rent a homeOwning a home in Tooele UT is much better than renting. With an interest rate that is still super low, housing prices that have yet to match most of those in cities along the Wasatch Front, and the possibility of 100% financing using a USDA loan you really should consider the many advantages of owning your own home.
Here are a few to consider.
Owning vs Renting: Why High Rents Are Worse Than a Mortgage over the Long Term
If you’re at the stage in life … (3 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Buy Your Home Now or Later in Tooele Utah - 04/22/17 05:18 AM
Buy a Home Now or Later in Tooele UT Interest rates prices, UPThe question is. should you buy a home now or later in Tooele UT?
You know you believe in home ownership. You understand that owning your own house the easiest and best way to build wealth, and you certainly understand all of the social benefits to your family that is part of having your own real estate.
In fact you grew up with the old adage, “be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home”.
There are still some of you in Tooele, or 30 miles down the … (1 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Home Prices Going Up In Tooele County - 04/08/17 09:24 AM
Are Home Prices going Up in Tooele County Tooele home prices riseAre home prices going up in Tooele County? That’s a question I hear a lot.
It’s also an answer that any buyer or seller of Tooele Real Estate should be interested in.
The answer is yes, but, more so in some area than others. As many of you know, most of the housing inventory that is bought or sold in the county is located in 6 major areas.
Tooele City Grantsville UT Stansbury Park Erda Utah Lake Point UT Stockton UT These are the population hubs that make up the … (1 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Tooele UT Home Prices Are Up By City - 08/13/16 11:33 PM
Tooele UT home prices are up city by city, but that's only part of the picture.
How does Tooele UT compare to the national numbers about housing sales? I posted this article from my friends @ KCM re/ home sales as they relate to various price ranges.
We all know that real estate is local so these figures don't mean as much as I would like. SO.......I'm digging into the local stats provided by the MLS to see if we can come up with some meaningful figures to give us a better perspective.
Click on this to see what the … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Tooele UT Housing Inventory Shortage - 05/08/16 12:59 AM
How The Tooele UT Housing Inventory Shortage Affects Real Estate Consumers
There is low available inventory in Tooele UT. There are basically more potential buyers in the market than suitable available listings. This develops an interesting experience for buyers and sellers. Here is how the Tooele UT housing inventory shortage affects real estate consumers.
Increased Competition Scarce inventory generates higher competition for potential home buyers. Any new properties will normally draw a lot of activity. Properties will commonly receive multiple offers and sell quickly. Under these circumstances, it is not uncommon for homes to receive more than asking … (2 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Singles Buying Homes in Tooele UT - 04/15/16 08:03 PM
Singles Buying Houses in Tooele UT
Over the last year I have noticed that a lot of singles are buying houses in Tooele UT.
At first I thought it was economic, that on one paycheck the sole owner making the payment had to make sure to get the best value possible.
Then I thought that maybe the attraction was the fact that Tooele County was the only community close to Salt Lake that was eligible for the FDA 100% mortgage.
Finally I examined the possibility that singles were more outdoorsy and were moving to Tooele for the rural  lifestyle and open … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Tooele UT Home Buying Info - 03/13/16 08:37 PM
Here is some Tooele UT home buying info to help evaluate various parts of the home buying puzzle in the valley. These articles appeared on my Facebook account last week and were provided to me by the good folks @ KCM. In case you missed them I thought they were worth putting out there again.
Article number 1 deals with how best to benefit from the money you spend for shelter. You are either paying rent, or making a house payment.
If you are paying rent, you are paying someone else's mortgage and building their wealth. That's NOT where you want … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Best Home Prices w/ Local Tooele Agent - 03/13/16 08:30 PM
Get best home price w/ local Tooele agent.
I had a great discussion with Chris and Berna about this posting from last week. No problem with item #2, using a Real Estate professional except to say that 'local real estate pro' better explains who we should be working with.
In the context of this post, local Agent is really  important.
In order to make part #1 work, (the scheme that underprices the home and think that buyers will begin a bidding war that will eventually settle at top dollar for  your house). You really need to be confident that you know the value … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Outgrown Your Tooele Home? - 02/14/16 12:42 AM
Have You Outgrown Your Current Tooele Home?
Here Are Five Easy Ways to Tell if It's Time to Upgrade
 Your home is your castle, your own little piece of the American dream. But lately, your little corner of the world has been feeling cramped and you find yourself eyeing those larger new homes. Is it time to pull up stakes and move on from your starter home?
Growing Family:
If you've added to your family in recent years, you may have more bodies than bedrooms. A two-bedroom home may have been a great idea when it was just you … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Buy That New Tooele House Now - 01/24/16 12:23 AM
Buy Your New Tooele UT House Now
Why you should buy your new Tooele UT house now!  Plus other advise about the local real estate industry.
Waiting for anything , except maybe buying a home is difficult to do. 
As an example:
Have you noticed that when you start out looking at new cars, you have parameters that you pledge to yourself you WILL NOT break to make a deal. Then...... the minute you enter the showroom and open the drivers side door, even before you get your first whiff of the new car smell you are changing your budget and setting … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Buying New Construction in Tooele UT - 01/24/16 12:07 AM
4 Things to Know about Buying New Construction in Tooele UT
Thinking of getting out to look at new houses this weekend? There are way more than 4 things to know about buying new construction in Tooele UT. But that's all I'm going to cover today.
Visit this site from time to time though as I will elaborate on each of the parts of the process as we get closer to making a decision.
For this article I am going to break out and identify the players in the transaction. They are:
Your Family The Agent The Lender The Builder Sure, … (1 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: No Down Payment For Your Tooele House - 10/04/15 12:14 AM

What if I don't have a 20% down Payment for my new Tooele house?
I get that question a lot. Usually from renters that would like to own there own home but think that the old rule of thumb about needing a large down payment (20%) is holding them back.
I've put together some articles about buying a home without a large down payment to help you get over that notion, and encourage you to start looking at homes in Tooele County.
The first post is from Dan Greens "The Mortgage Reports" blog. It was written by Shashank Shekar, … (1 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Why You Need a Real Estate Agent - 08/01/15 09:48 PM
Why you need a Real Estate agent.
 Buying or selling a home in Tooele UT? 
Need someone to help you through the maze of terminology, real estate law, disclosures, selecting the best home mortgage (and loan officer), pricing, and contract negotiations? 
Unless you do this for a living, you had better believe you do. There is a reason why a whopping 88% of home buyers use a real estate agent for their home purchase. 
Here are a couple of articles I thought might be of help if you are getting ready to pick an agent to help you buy or sell … (1 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Need An Tooele Agent Hire a Pro - 07/26/15 10:09 PM
 If you are buying or selling Tooele property, hire a pro. And more than that, (I've said this before) hire a local pro.
These are some thoughts the crew at KCW shares with me yesterday. I put them on Face Book and now I'm going to post them here. They suggest 5 reasons why you should NOT be your own agent on any real estate transaction. I am adding one more, or at least suggesting that that agent be local; one that knows the territory. Among other things, you need a real estate agent that can drive no more than 30 minutes … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: 350 Homes For Sale in Tooele Utah - 07/15/15 12:30 AM
 Most of the approximately 350 homes for sale in Tooele County are located in these areas, Tooele City, Stansbury Park, Grantsville UT, Erda Utah, and Lake Point. Here are about 20 snippets of those listings broken out by city. 
This post will give you an idea how easy it is to search for houses listed for sale on our search website, Just log in to the site and scroll down the center of the page to see all of the homes listed that day. It doesn't matter who the listing agent is you can see it and click on the photo … (2 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Save Money By Owning a Home in Tooele UT - 06/28/15 10:32 PM
How Much Money Will I Save by Owning a home?
For all you renters out there in Tooele UT, here is a post you MUST read. Gene Riemenschneider of Home Point Real Estate posted this on Active Rain in early June. Gene shared 10 reasons why buying a home is better than renting. Most of the reasons were obvious, but the one that I was reminded of and want you to read was the one about leverage, and return on investment.
The concept is simple, so let's look at it with simple numbers. Say a $100,000 house. (yes there are some in Tooele … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Homes Just Listed in Tooele County - 05/17/15 10:16 PM
Wow! We had lots of new listings of Tooele homes the last 2 days.Nineteen houses & condos just put on the market in Tooele City, Stansbury Park, Grantsville UT & Erda Utah. That's quite a few based on the fact that Tooele agents have been screaming for more and better inventory. Maybe that is why there are so many.
Just scroll down the page to see the snippet and if the remarks create an interest in you to see more, then click on the photo and you will see all of the information an agent sees when helping you look for a … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: About Tooele Real Estate Closings - 05/05/15 10:24 PM
About Tooele Real Estate Closings
Tooele UT Home Purchase Closings The closing (also referred to as settlement) is typically the last step in the property purchase or sale process. It is often a day of both apprehension and excitement. It is helpful to understand what to expect and what can cause delays. This blog contains an introduction to Tooele UT home purchase closings for purchases requiring a mortgage.
Approval to Close A clear to close is issued by the lender when all conditions have been met. This may not be issued until just prior to the planned closing date. Sometimes a … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Find Homes Listed Each Day in Tooele County Here! - 02/16/15 07:26 AM
You can find homes listed each day in Tooele County right here on this website. You can find the latest listings of Condominiums and town homes for sale in Stansbury Park, horse property in Erda UT, and Lake Point, raw ground and maybe some development parcels around Grantsville UT and of course a little of everything in Tooele City. No matter who owns it, or who lists it, if it's property for sale on the MLS it will be right here @ tooelehomes4sale on the front page for you to click on and find all you need to know … (0 comments)

tooele buying a home in tooele home buyers: Ophir Cabin Getaway Tooele County - 09/04/14 03:24 AM
Ophir Cabin Getaway in Tooele County
Have you seen what Berna has listed this time?
If you ever thought you needed a getaway but didn't want to drive 5 hours to get there, then maybe you should see this cabin in one of Utah's most famous mining towns; Ophir! In Tooele County.
I'm just going to re-post her listing
Berna has really done it this time. She has taken you way back to an easier time. Taken you back to the days of the old west. The Mining Camp days.
You can own a part of it. This weekend, put … (0 comments)

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