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As we all know, we ARE in a recession.  People are loosing jobs, increase in gas prices, people not spending money, which in turn causes more layoffs.  Vicious cycle.. right? I have a neighbor/friend, who had a good job, but has run across some hard times... like who hasn't.  She came to me to di...
Yes, I know this is a HOT topic today in real estate.  There have been quit a few blogs on this.  Today I  saw on NBC news how foreclosures have skyrocketed on the east coast for the first quarter this year. The media ALWAYS seems to promote negativity.  After all this is what people gravitate to...
It is a cloudy day today here in Cromwell, CT and with this I am reflecting and remembering a time 28 years ago.  Do any of you remember this? Twenty eight years ago, Jimmy Carter was president.. which I am sure some of you remember.  Do you remember that there was "a shortage" on gas, and how we...
MOVING??   With the price of gas, it is time to centralize in Connecticut. When thinking of moving within the state of Connecticut nowadays, you need to think about where will my home be compared to my job.  How long of a commute will I have, and how do I figure this in with the ever increasing g...
Have you ever wondered how realtors start in this profession?  Here is how I did years ago... It took nearly 40 years to finally find a career that I love, and excel in. For over 20 years I worked in the financial field which I liked, but just wasn't as rewarding as I thought it would be, and I a...
With the gas prices going up, as we have ALL noticed.  Today I found out two was to reduce gas consumption.. so I thought I would pass it along.  Instead of just looking for the cheapest gas, and driving all over for this quick solution, how about checking the tire pressure?  If you put a little ...
      I have this cute and unique one bedroom loft for sale in Country Squire in Cromwell, CT.  It is nestled in the woods, and has a lot of charm. In the days when there aren't that many buyers, I have had a lot of showings... this is good for my client.  It is priced ahead of the market at $113...
I recently had clients that fell in love with a home in Middletown, CT.  After looking at it twice they put in an offer.  The offer was twenty thousand less than what the property was bought for in 2006.  My clients are smart, and knew that the value has gone down, and didn't think this would be ...
LOOKING TO OPTIMIZE YOUR HOME... STAGING IS THE WAY TO GO: To make your home it's most presentable, you might want to think about having it professionally staged by someone that has a trained eye.  This is where your home would be in the most presentable condition, where the furniture is situated...
Even in a real estate market that is slow (but looks like it is picking up), I still get the comment from people saying "You must make a lot of money in real estate. All you realtors do, is open a door, and you get a check for $30k."  Now I know all the realtors reading this are having a good lau...

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