home inspection: Kansas State Home Inspector Licensing. What a joke! - 12/05/09 12:40 PM
Kansas will, in the next 30 days, begin "registration" of home inspectors.  This is very contenciuos, given that about 90% of the counties in Kansas have no local or state building codes, that builders and most sub-contractors have no training, qualification, testing or licensing standards and the the Real Estate agents are tired of the proferssional home inspectors finding all the problems with these houses (both newly constructed and repaired, remodeled or modified older houses) and "Killing the Deal".
 1) Kansas has most counties that have no building codes. Government dropping the ball with regards to protecting the public. I can, … (7 comments)

home inspection: Water Instrusion Problems in Chicago Condos - 07/12/09 07:27 AM
We have been seeing more and more problems with newer condominium buildings in the Chicago area.  I have inspected many of these buildings, working for the condominium associations, and have documented the causes.  I am, currently, involved in litigation against the builders and in 3 cases, the buildings were so bad that they had to be torn down (mold, rotted floor trusses, etc).

The increased efflorescence seen on this building is caused by the large amounts of water that is in the masonry.  When that water comes out, it disolves mineral salts in the brick and mortar and when the … (9 comments)

home inspection: GFCI and AFCI protection explained - 03/28/08 04:45 AM
One of the most confusing aspects of a home inspection deals with electrical safety.
Houses have (or should have) two special electrical devices installed in the home.  GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) devices.  While small, and usually not found in older houses that have not had any remodeling, these devices save lives, everyday!
GFCI devices, which are in the form of either and electrical plug (receptacle) or as a GFCI circuit breaker, protect people from shocks and electrocution.  If the outlet has two small buttons on its face, it is a GFCI protected receptacle (see below).
Here's how … (7 comments)

home inspection: Municial building code inspections, in Illinois, are no guarentee. - 11/04/07 01:37 AM
Recently, the Illinois Appealate Court has ruled that local municipal building code departments have no liability for personal injury of property damage when a house is not compliant with local building codes.  This flys in the face of the publics perception of what a building code inspection is.
Let's look at the facts:
1) Local municipal building codes are not complete, exhaustive or up to current standards.  Because of the state's "home Rule" provision, any municipality with a population of more that 20,000 has the right to set its own building codes.  The codes that are set are, usually, an adoption of some … (0 comments)

home inspection: The damage that unqualified contractors cause - 05/08/07 08:27 AM
I recently had an inspection ins a well-to-do suburb, north of Chicago.  The house was originally built in 1915 and was remodeled and added to in 1999.  After the addition, the house was about 4,500 SF, with an added 2nd floor and an added floor over the attached garage.  A really nice house, at first glance, and selling for more that 1 Mil.

When the house was remodeled, the house was sided with Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS).  There are many manufacturers of this product and many fine installations I have seen.  But I have also seen many installations that were … (6 comments)

home inspection: Home inspections and safety - 03/11/07 03:56 PM
One factor that cannot be overlooked in a Home Inspection is safety.
Some people see a home inspection as a negotiation tool, and use the defects noted as a means to try to lower the purchase price.  Others see it as a means to 'kill the deal'.
A quality, professional home inspection is nothing more than a way for the buyer (or seller, or owner) to better understand the present condition of their house or commercial property, or a property that they are considering buying.
But, a particularly misunderstood and little appreciated aspect is the safety of the house.
Our local NACHI (National Association of … (0 comments)

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