mortgage: Impound Accounts when Buying or Refinancing a Home - 10/09/19 03:30 PM
Impound Accounts when Buying or Refinancing a Home
When you buy a home and secure the purchase with a mortgage, 
not only will you be required to pay the monthly loan payments, you will be making a commitment, for as long as you own the property, to pay the property taxes every year as well as maintaining a homeowners insurance policy. And depending on the amount of down payment, you might be required to pay for private mortgage insurance. On home loans with less than 20% down, impound accounts are typically mandatory. Money to make these payments is kept by the lender or … (0 comments)

mortgage: What Is A FICO Score? - 07/18/19 05:31 PM
What Is A FICO Score?
Hi and welcome to another Two Minute Tuesday Video. Today, I’m going to talk about your CREDIT SCORE also known as your FICO SCORE.

One important aspects of purchasing a home is getting a mortgage and getting a good, low rate is dictated by our ability to prove your credit worthiness. The term you are all familiar with is “FICO score” which is a rating system that lenders use to gage what kind of risk you are when applying for financing. There’s a saying in the business that “Past history is indicative of future performance.” So how you’ve … (0 comments)

mortgage: Cash is King...Or Is It When Buying A Home - 03/06/19 04:22 PM
Cash is King...Or Is It When Buying A Home
Hi and welcome to another two minute Tuesday.
If you've seen my previous videos, you know I bring valuable topics to homeowner,
home buyers & home sellers. Check back every week to see a new video.
They say “Cash Is King”....or is it?
Should you purchase your home for all cash, or is it better to get a mortgage?
In 2018, 23% of home buyers paid cash for homes!! That’s an amazing statistic. And in my market of Orange County CA, 29% of homes have no mortgage at all.
Easy to get offer accepted.
Fast transaction (especially for the seller). … (3 comments)

mortgage: Biggest mistakes home buyers make when buying a home - 01/17/19 04:08 PM
Biggest mistakes home buyers make when buying a home
My latest video talks about the Top 10 mistakes people make when buying a new home. Take a few minutes to watch this video and leave me a comment with other mistakes you have seen buyers make.
The number one biggest mistake people make when buying a new home is not getting pre-approved for a loan. Prequalify or preapproval means that you’ve spoken to a lender or mortgage individual and have given them information such as your income, expenses and tax returns, etc. and they’ve looked at your situation and have giving you some … (1 comments)

mortgage: Buying A Home - What to look for when visiting homes for sale - 11/30/18 04:05 PM
Buying A Home - What to look for when visiting homes for sale
Here's my latest video on What to look for when visiting listings.
Are you ready to start looking at houses that are on the market? There are a few things you need to do to prepare for this. In this video I’m going to tell you about the three main areas to check as well as some tips and tricks on how to make the best use of your time when looking for your new home.
Now…Before you even get into the car with your realtor make sure you have contacted … (0 comments)

mortgage: Least Expensive Homes For Sale In Mission Viejo - 09/14/15 04:25 AM
Least Expensive Homes For Sale In Mission Viejo
September 14, 2015
Finding low priced homes in Orange County is always a tough proposition but Mission Viejo has some  properties that can be used as starter homes for first-time buyers who are looking to get away from the rental property merry-go-round. In the past few years, investors have scooped up many distressed units and converted them to rentals. With rent prices steadily increasing, this is a good time to consider making that first home purchase.
Take a look at these Least Expensive Homes For Sale in Mission Viejo:
These low priced listings are all condos or … (1 comments)

mortgage: Five Key Things that Happened in Real Estate in 2012... - 01/15/13 02:30 PM
Five Key Things that Happened in Real Estate in 2012...
...and how they may effect you.
1. Mortgage rates were (and still are) at an all time low. Rates dropped to 3.31% which makes purchasing and refinancing decisions much easier. In the 1980s, rates were between 13-18%
2. Banks received $25 billion in mortgage settlement money. Although some banks chose to use the funds to bolster their bottom line, most used the money to help homeowners with settlements. A majority of the money was used to aid short sales and some was used for loan modifications. If you are exploring a … (4 comments)

mortgage: You Must See This Documentary - 02/15/09 02:39 PM
You Must See This Documentary by John Alesi, Mission Viejo REALTOR® Mission Viejo CA Real Estate
CNBC's documentary, House Of Cards, with interviewer David Farber, is a compelling reveal of the events that caused the mortgage meltdown which has reverberated around the world. The culprit, CDOs, Collateralized Debt Obligations, which were basically a bunch of bad loans packaged together and given a rating of AAA and then sold on the world market. So complicated were these CDOs that even Alan Greenspan could not understand them purchasers had no idea what they were buying but continued to purchase with reckless abandon. interestingly, … (0 comments)

mortgage: A Positive Spin On The News - 12/16/08 09:07 AM
Mission Viejo Market Statistics for November by John Alesi, Mission Viejo REALTOR® Mission Viejo CA Real Estate
A Positive Spin On The News
In January of this year (2008), the California market had a 15.2 month inventory of homes; in November it was down to a more manageable 5.9 months. A typical seller's market is when the supply of homes is less than 6 months.
The number of transactions are up 65% from September 2007 compared to September 2008. October sale from 2007 to 2008 are up 111%.
Regarding mortgages and how the media paints such a dismal picture, 30% … (0 comments)

mortgage: FHA Secure and FHA HOPE For Homeowners - 10/14/08 08:43 AM
FHA Secure and FHA HOPE For Homeowners by John Alesi, Mission Viejo REALTOR® Mission Viejo CA Real Estate
Since 1934, FHA, The Federal Housing Authority, has been helping Americans attain the American Dream of home ownership.
Two new FHA programs are available to borrowers who have experienced financial issues due to "recasting" or "resetting" of their mortgages or have come upon other financial hard times. FHASecure is a refinancing option that gives non-FHA borrowers an opportunity to obtain FHA-insured mortgage. Check the website for eligiblity requirements.
The other program is called HOPE for Homeowners  (H4H), which was created to help … (0 comments)

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