restaurants: Okra? Slimey....Yucky....Incredible.... - 09/09/10 03:08 PM
Okra is not easy to love. At the Maple Glen Farmstand in Plymouth Meeting, PA, they give it away just to get people to try it. In the South, they french fry it. That takes care of the hairy, slimey texture. Get past that and the essence of okra is tastey. Just about anything tastes good french fried. But a lot of times you taste the breading and the crunch, without much taste of the vegetable inside. Leave it to Indian master chefs to do the ultimate okra. I had okra to die for tonight at A Taste of India restaurant … (6 comments)

restaurants: Elegant, Scrumptious, Fine Dining in Philadelphia---Surprise: It's Vegan! - 09/03/10 12:32 PM
It has literally been years that I have been meaning to try a Vegan restaurant called Horizons. When I first heard of it, it was in Willow Grove and I was not exactly sure where. To me, "vegan" corresponds with tie die and sitar music, but the person who recommended it was a normal, middle aged successful realtor and I always support vegetarian options, so I kept it in mind. Wasn't it the movie Annie Hall where Woody Allen makes fun of The Golden Carrot (really The Source Restaurant) on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Hey Angelinos. Is The Source still sitting … (1 comments)

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