Baby Boomers are looking forward to invest abroad.

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The number of Americans and Canadians living abroad, approximatley 7 Million according to The Washington Post, which is twice the population of Chicago and greater than that of 33 U.S. States, has steadily grown over the past decade and it is expected to more than double within the next 10 years. 

There is also a strong upward trend in the number of Americans traveling abroad for health care. According to The Medical Tourism Association demand among U.S. residents for medical treatment (including elective surgery) in other countries will quadruple from 1.5 million patients in 2008 to 6 million in 2010 as consumers, health insurers and employers seek medical care that is not available in the U.S. or not as affordable was born in direct response to hundreds of conversations with  baby boomers from the USA and Canada who were seeking to better understand how they could live, move, relocate, retire and/or invest abroad, specifically in Mexico, Latin America and in the Caribbean. At members can make friends, ask questions, join Groups of interest, share experiences, etc.

At You can ask your questions to EXPERTS, create your PROFILE, join GROUPS of your particular interests, Create your own GROUPS, make friends, upoad photos, have your own BLOG.

Come and share your experiences with us. It is free. We believe that this is a unique opportunity for us all. It is impossible for any website to have all the content needed for all the questions that Baby Boomers have when they look forward to move, retire, invest abroad. Here every body learns from every body.  We understand the proven power of collaboration.

Leading industry experts and many of those that have journeyed ahead will share their personal experience and knowledge in a great variety of areas like: Top destinations, community highlights, attractions, real estate, mortgages, using IRA, finance and lending, health care and insurance, taxation, immigration, legal issues, title insurance, relocation process, lifestyle, things to do, etc.

Share with us locally focused articles that include: "Best" guides to restaurants, services, venues, stores and more. Insider tips and local "secrets". "Did you know?" info that locals may take for granted, but is helpful to visitors and newcomers. Holiday guides to the best local shops, gifts and charities. Timely events and happenings of all kinds, from sports to music. Profiles of local people and places.

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Enjoy! Have Fun!  Share! Learn! Make Friends! All of us want to hear from You! 

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Brenda Ballard
Angelfish Properties, Inc. - Emerald Isle, NC
At the Beach and Beyond!

Great post - Luis, one of these days we really must talk.  I'm still living and working in US, but have my exit strategy clearly defined.  Julio, my husband and I will absolutely retire in Costa Rica. He is in Esteli, Nicaragua at present-in the cigar business, but has just bought a waterfront cigar shop in Jaco, CR.  We lived in San Jose in the mid-80's and will definitely live in Jaco or Quepos in the near future.  I imagine I will continue in real estate once there.  Will you be in DC in May? Would love to have a moment or three with you.



Apr 01, 2009 02:17 PM
Theodora Wu
TJ Investments - Burien, WA

Thanks for let us know about this resource.   I am going to go check it out.

Oct 18, 2009 09:03 AM