Mind over Market

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In Gary Keller's latest book, SHIFT, How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times, mind set and attitude is the #1 and most impartant chapter in the book, in my opinion.

I like all the quotes included in this chapter. 

Harvey Mackay, "Decide what your priorities are and how much time you'll spend.  if you don't, someone else will."  Wow!! What a wake up call.  If agents in a shifting market don't set priorities and decide what's important, their banker will definitely tell them what is!

Andy Andrews, in the Traveler's Gift, "our lives are fashioned by choice. First we make choices. Then our choices make us."  we are what we decide to be and decide to do!

Zig Ziglar, "they do a check up from the next up" Agents that stay optimistice about the market and reshape their attitudes to reflect it.

So get real, get right, get back to the basics that you've abandoned during the "good years".  The top agents across the country become the top agents because they've mastered the basic fundamentals.  The basics are never outdated! 

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