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Added info and ....moving on.

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There are a lot of people who still contact me about Jeff Gutherie and REExpert.com or RE Advocate, most want to know where Jeff is so they can sue him. I don't know, but I would contact the AG in Denver Colorado... file a complaint etc. Most Attorneys will not take this issue on with just one client as the $3,500 loss is more bother than it is worth, maybe a small claims action, possibly criminal but its hard to prove with "vapor ware" web services. We bought into a service not a product. The service was very bad.., criminal yes IMHO.., but hard to prove.

Moving on is the best action I can take. Tara has contacted me a couple times and I really like her a lot, in my opinion she took a lot of heat but was duped as well. Many former employees have contacted me as well to say how they were also taken in.... but in the end I can make $3,490 in a day when I really try hard so its just not worth my time to pursue. I have removed the blog and left only the shell of the site up at www.reexpert.us ...which was originally built to promote my business as a member, but it turned into a Warning site when I saw it was all a scam. If I ever get my money back I will take it down.

AT&T's Yellowpages.com was also a big ripp off. I built a website to expose their dealings and they paid me back and got the domain name from me as a result. The web can be a powerful tool when used right.

Kind regards to all,

Don L. / RE Broker & webmaster