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Norton Ohio Gift Shop - Gourmet Gift Baskets

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There is a gourmet gift shop in Norton Ohio with three distinct companies: Cookie Express, Frontier Fruit & Nut Co., and the Ohio Dairyland Cheese Co., all under one roof.

While their website says Cookie Frontier, the website can't convey how unique and fun this place really is.  The other day, I wanted to buy a real estate client (a young couple getting married) of mine a unique gift as they were closing on their home.  The guy of the couple said how he was looking forward to getting a grill now that he has his own backyard and can't wait to grill.  So...being a guy myself...I thought, self, why don't you try and find a barbecue gift basket?  Seemed like in this Internet age and only in America, would there be such a thing as barbecue gift basket.  Boy oh boy, after numerous phone calls to many different boutique gift stores, and sundry types of retail establishments, I came up as empty as the plate of bbq chicken wings after a Cleveland Browns game in September.  I needed to be in Wadsworth Ohio for an activity and decided to browse gift stores online in this area and ran across their name and decided to give them a call.

In short, this store is very, very unique and is quite a sleeper.  Located in a sleepy little area in a relatively small town, I was totally surprised on what a gem of a store this place was.  Between gourmet nuts, candies, locally made cheese, chocolate covered everything, more bins than I could ever list, tons of just about everything you could ever want that is so cool and unique, I can't imagine one individual, no matter where one's tastes lie, that couldn't walk out of this store beaming from ear to ear.

Not only this, but they will also hand walk you around the store, listening to what you want to accomplish and can make a custom gift basket for you with just want you want, in 10-15 minutes.  If that level of custom service isn't enough, they also have many already made custom baskets which span many different gift ideas -- from gourmet coffee, tea, nuts, candies, fruit, accessories, and a wide assortment of ideas.

As if this were not enough already (which far surpasses any gift store I have been in to date), the staff is so incredibly friendly and helpful (they will tell you this is their secret weapon and trademark and they weren't kidding), I was offered gourmet coffee to sample (I was offered tea, water, etc. as well) as well as being offered various samples of various things such as nuts, candies, chocolate, etc. -- but only after asking me what I was interested in and liked.  They will also deliver locally, ship anywhere, etc.

I have to say, when I walked out with my gift -- hey, wait a minute, I forgot -- since I had my hands full because I bought two gift baskets, the staff actually offered and took one of the two baskets to my car for me.

Being inside this place made me think, just for a brief moment in time, that I was in a small town 80 years ago, where everyone knows everyone, and you are all family and connected by community, and you felt at home and valued.  Okay, a little melodramatic here, but I think you get the point, as that is the ambiance and comfortableness of this fine gift store in Norton Ohio.

3823 Wadsworth Road

Norton, OH 44203

330.706.0500 or 800.827.9885

This place is a rare find!

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