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It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I guess you could say I've been busy which is a good thing. Joy Home Design was named Baltimore's Best Home Stager by Baltimore Magazine in their August 2009 "Best Of" issue.  We are thrilled to be recognized by our peers and colleagues as the area's "best" and hope to continue to grow our business and spread the word about how home staging helps families move on.

Recently, I was called in by a realtor to meet with a local military family. The wife and husband both are active duty army and the husband was being sent to his 2nd tour in Iraq. The wife was being transferred to another base out of town and their son had just graduated high school.  They had very little time between our first meeting and the husband's deployment date. I think it was about a week.  We had our first Walk 'n' Talk Staging Consultation and it was clear from the start that we would be able to work with the house and get it sold quickly if they followed our suggestions.  There was a  lot of packing and moving to the basement of furniture and accessories and of course rearranging furniture to highlight the homes best features.  They had me come back for 2 hours of staging work once they had gotten the big stuff taken care of and we went room to room hanging pictures, arranging art, discussing last minute things they could do.  The husband was to leave a few days later and the son's graduation party was taking place all in the same time frame. Needless to say they were a little frazzled.  We worked with them and by the time we left the place was looking beautifully staged and ready for sale.

The realtor came back and had the first unadvertised open house a few days later and got a firm offer out of that open house.  They had sold their house the very first time they showed it and they were relieved and estatic because they could move on to their new home without the worry and fear about selling their existing home.

If they had not sold by the end of the month the wife and son would've had to leave and the house would've been vacant which is not ideal in this or any market.  Just by having us come in and do our consultation and help with some of the final staging work they were able to make their home very appealing.

So it's not all doom & gloom in this economy. 12 of the most recent houses we staged went under contract in an average of 12 days!  This compared to our regional average of 120+!   We are proud to be giving people  peace of mind at a very reasonable and affordable price. To learn more about how staging can help you sell your home quickly, even in this market please give us a call at 443-621-8077 or visit us online at

Happy Staging!


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