Scalping in The Desert - Update

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I wrote about the Palo Verdes and lawns in my first scalping missive on September 29--the trees were bare, the lawns had just been reseeded.  It's still going on all over The Desert, but there are certain communities that were trimmed and scalped earlier.  It happens in stages.  In my community, Palmilla in La Quinta, it happened on 9/29.  Today, I noticed that the Palo Verdes have an almost diaphanous look about them.  They look like  nymphs scantily clad in sheer frothy viridescence.  The lawns have gone from dirty brown to patchy emerald.  In another week the lawns will be flawless and the trees will almost have us believing it is spring.  What could be better than watching  this kaleidoscope of beauty evolving? 

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