Fun Book for Real Estate Agent to Read!!!

Real Estate Agent with Crystal Coast Broker # 305625

Carrie takes care of her family through her real estate practice and loves the community that she lives in.

"Raven, a small town facing economic ruin and a dwindling population, is the home of Carrie Hammons, a single mother striving to provide for her family. With the help of a friend and lawyer whose role in her future evolves into a romantic interest, Carrie struggles through this difficult transition.
Following a chain of missing person's cases in the area, Carrie experiences supernatural visits from an entity. She exits the initial contacts with a change of character and a motivation to increase the number of Raven's inhabitants. Her transformation nearly costs her the respect of her children and newfound love, though she learns in time the true nature of her visitor.
Carrie soon confronts the spirit in a life-and-death struggle waged on a mystical battlefield. The plan is simple yet dangerous - free Raven of the entity without jeopardizing the lives of innocent residents. The result is a climactic encounter involving the forces of self-survival and human compassion." Can be purchased at

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