Are we socialists yet?

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The gifts we are getting from Obama as a puppet to the Banksters are nothing more than a move to something terrible.  When we sit back and accept gifts we can't afford, it can only lead to trouble, just like when we buy gifts for friends and family that we cannot afford

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Last spring I wrote a blog about how we were moving towards socialism in this country. Instantly, the comments came flying at me, rebuking my blog, my debating skills, my flag logo, and everything else about me that the lefties could latch onto. I was an idiot who knew nothing about socialism, and they had to feign insult that someone would question their leaders intent.

The cat is out of the bag now. Anyone who cannot see that is seriously not playing with a full deck. The leftists can quit feigning insult, and just come out and admit that they got what they wanted. In my opinion, we are socialists of the highest order now. Our citizens will be taken care of from birth to death. The ultimate security blanket.

Since the 40's, and more so since the 60's, the workers and producers of this country have been taking care of those who want more and more security. We get up and work, find a way to get ahead, scrimp and save for a better life, while those we support (not our family, the leaches) live a life of "give me, give me".

Anyone who has ever lived in the ghetto for even a short while (been there done that) has seen what taking away someones initiative does to their life. What would take me paragraph after paragraph to explain can be seen first hand by spending a day in the hood. Next week, do a little driving around in the poorest neighborhood you can find. It won't take long to figure it out.

Our Senate has just moved even more hard working citizens into the cradle to grave security lifestyle. Whats more important, they have taken initiative away from more Americans.

What is the point of working hard? Security or opportunity? We just got stuck with security.

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