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HERE WE ARE,January 2010,  still looking for a home nd waiting for the bottom of the market... TOO LATE.. YOU MISSED IT.. STOP PROCRASTINATING...

Yes, my opinion, short of inner city properties and other areas beset by economics, the market has started to turn.  Home marketing times are getting shorter vs longer and the ratio of asking to selling prices has started to shrink.  Realtor Open Houses are actually starting to get visitors again.. even during the Holiday Month.  Stop listening to all the gloom and doom reports and ask your Realtor what is going on.  Interest rates may not keep this low, for much longer.  Read your local paper (or financial blogs and updates).  The newspapers have even taken the outlandish viewpoint from Wall Street that the market crash was caused by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT keeping interest rates low.. allowing more values to increase above real market values.  BULL... Crash was caused by greed and lack of Government oversight caused the crash. Interest rates are dependant on the stregth of buyers confidence of the bonds that control the interest rates.  AND.... warning signs are already in place for the end of 2010 that interest rates may inch up to 6% (OMG...it really is no big deal, since historic rates for mortgages have averaged approx 8+ percent for the longest time)

I was watching "free fall" values for all properties and even with the real estate market showing more foreclosures and short sale, buyers are starting to inch back into the market place.. End users, Investors, families and step up buyers are all taking advantage of a 10 year LOW in the market conditions.  The Realtors that you have working right now are some of the BEST in the business and show the best dedication and professionalism that YOU as a buyer, or seller, may be looking for. This gives YOU the consumer the best professionals that you can find looking for a home for YOU, the lowest interest rates you can get, and the best buyer incentives (thank you Congress and Senate.. and Mr. President) for first time and step up buyers.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otlFGSdbbH0 (from NJAR)

Take advantage of the market place, call me for a free computerized market analysis.  Give me a call at 201-997-7860 x16, or email me at Homes@MCouto.comOR start your search locally at www.NJMLS.com, or www.GSMLS.com.

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Tim Lorenz
TIM LORENZ - Elite Home Sales Team - Mission Viejo, CA
949 874-2247

I just posted a blog today saying the bottom in our market was January of 2009.

Jan 07, 2010 04:32 PM
Kim Dove
Watson Realty Corp - Jacksonville, FL
Realtor - Jacksonville FL

You betcha! You can feel it all around you that the market has at least stabalized. Now if the unemployment numbers would go lower we may start to go into recovery.

Jan 07, 2010 04:56 PM