Under 2% Unemployment Real Estate Market Is Still A Challenge

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Struggle begins! 

As a rookie agent in Northern VA I find the real estate market very challenging.  With so much inventory in the market, and too little buyer shopping around, everyone is in survival mode, including myself. Thus, I finally started working with Renters.  My broker started forwarding me renter leads.  Then suddenly, it felt really good finally be out there. I never thought that working with renters will get me excited. I even forgot about the compensation.  All I was thinking of was to find a place for the two renters designated to me by my broker. I even forgot about the struggle and how depressing the market is now. 

Northern VA is a unique place with very low unemployment rate.  There are plenty of highly educated, skilled professionals all around the area West of Washington, DC.  The biggest one is the IT sector. The IT sector over here has fluorished 3 fold from what I have learned thus far because of the vast amount of government contracts.  Small IT firms are popping up all over Northern VA and Maryland. You would think that because of this the local real estate market should be thriving but instead the opposite.  But it's okay because this will separate the real Realtors from the mediocre ones. And I am no mediocre agent.

I got my license last March 2006. I chose to transition to this career because I wanted to tap on the housing boom and make some money like everyone else. But I got my license at the end of the boom. That's when the struggle started.  It was a struggle because I relied and waited for someone to coach me. I find that in this business you are your own coach. You are your own trainer. And now that the market is correcting itself I now have the opportunity to learn more about the business.  Thus, it's a good struggle. After all, I only worked part-time in my first year in the business and I was not completely focused.  But now the struggle is my vehicle to the top.  I'm looking forward to this challenging career.

So, struggle continues.....please see me at my agent website www.ChrisManlapaz.com.  I welcome your referrals and your suggestions, advice, tips, and other information you would like to share.  Btw, I complete my GRI on July 13th.  I finally get this designation.  I can't wait to complete the REBAC requirements then I will get my ABR designation. 

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JC- here is an update on UNemployment and UNDERemployment:  


I hope your market is seeing some turnaround. We're not feeling the "dropping" unemployment rate yet here in Oregon.

Feb 06, 2012 08:20 PM