Colon Cancer - Get Off The Pot!

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Colon Cancer - Get Off The Pot!

No pun intended. Really.

I just got a call from a friend and her husband is in the hospital. 2 days ago he went there because for a few days before that, he was throwing up and had stomach discomfort. He is not one to take medicine or go to the hospital so I could only imagine the discomfort he was in that prompted him to tell his wife to take him to the emergency room. He also did not have a BM for 5 days before this. Not a good sign folks.

While he is in the hospital, they ran tests and saw he had tumors throughout his colon. Now we are waiting for the biopsy results to see if it's malignant. He did have surgery to remove the tumors and they think they got it all but now it's a waiting game.

Here is the deal. If you are 50 or over and your Doctor says it's time to get a colonoscopy. Just get it done. Yes, the gallon of salt water you have to drink to clean you out is not pleasant to say the least. If that's the worst case scenario, then it's all good. They put you in a twilight state that you won't even know your name let alone what the Doctor is doing to you. My husband has had it and trust me, he comes out barely knowing who I am. Every time he gets it done, they find a polyp. They can remove it right then and there.

Below is a chart of how polys turn into cancer:



Do yourself and your spouse or significant other a favor and get those colonoscopies. If you heard my friend's voice and the worry and fear I hear, you wouldn't hesitate. And believe me, I'm worried as well. I hope the biopsy comes back as non-malignant.

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Joshua Zargari
MJ Decorators Workshop LI staging and home decorating - Lynbrook, NY
MJ Decorators Workshop

Hello Jackie

How is business?

Remember me?

Joshua Zargari

Jan 15, 2010 10:26 AM
Vickie McCartney
Maverick Realty - Owensboro, KY
Broker, Real Estate Agent Owensboro KY

Hi Jackie~  I am a RN and I know better, but I still have not had one done and I should have had one by now!  Thanks for the needed push!

Jan 15, 2010 10:40 AM
Jackie Connelly-Fornuff
Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Babylon NY - Babylon, NY
"Moving at The Speed of YOU!"

Hi Joshua, things are great and nice to see you :)

Hi Vickie, I'm going to ignore that you wrote you are an RN :) My doctor said I'm too young for one since I'm 44 but, if cancer ran in my family, she would have had me do it now. How far can I push you?? :)

Jan 15, 2010 10:45 AM
Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh
Century 21 New Millennium - Upper Marlboro, MD
A doctor who makes house calls.

My dad was able to find a cancerous polyp and have it removed and has had no other problems 7 years later.  I am a big believer in preventive behavior.

Jan 15, 2010 10:50 AM
Jackie Connelly-Fornuff
Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Babylon NY - Babylon, NY
"Moving at The Speed of YOU!"

Hi Dr. Stacey-Ann, preventative medicine is a great thing. It's your life that is at stake. Our lives are worth the temporary discomfort.

Hi Dedra, I love that loopy feeling, lol. Thank you and I hope we get good news too!

Jan 15, 2010 11:15 AM
Toula Rosebrock
Diane Turton, Realtors, Forked River, NJ - Lacey Township, NJ
Broker/Sales Associate, Realtor, Lacey Township,


Hi Jackie:

I know...I know...

I need to get it done.

Thanks for the reminder.

Jan 15, 2010 01:38 PM
Laura Cerrano
Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island - Locust Valley, NY
Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher

Jackie, It's something we don't want to think about or deal with and if caught early, a very curable cancer.  Thank you for bringing it up and making people aware to just have it done.

Jan 15, 2010 09:54 PM
Jackie Connelly-Fornuff
Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Babylon NY - Babylon, NY
"Moving at The Speed of YOU!"

Hi Toula, Uh-huh, lol. :) I know when it comes time for me to do it, I won't like it but it's worth it. :)

Hi Carole, Exactly my point! You are welcome and I hope it prompts more people to get it done.

Jan 15, 2010 10:21 PM
Elyse Berman, PA
Best Connections Realty, Inc. - Boca Raton, FL
Boca Raton FL (561) 716-7824 CRS, ABR, GRI,ePR

Good advice, Jackie.  I've had mine done and the prep is far worse than the procedure of which I remember nothing.  Not a pleasant subject but one that really needs to be heard.  I hope your friend's biopsy turns out okay.

Jan 16, 2010 12:33 AM
Jackie Connelly-Fornuff
Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Babylon NY - Babylon, NY
"Moving at The Speed of YOU!"

Hi Elyse, Thank you and the prep is worse. Can't they come up with cherry flavor or something? :)

Jan 16, 2010 01:02 AM