Super Smart Power Hour Podcast for Jan 5, 2010

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Our First Super Smart Power Hour of the New Year & New Decade Download WMV for Windows Media Player
with Kimberlee Frank and Mike Barnes

This webinar was the season opener of the Super Smart Power Hour and we were excited to start the New Year and the New Decade off with momentum! That's why we did a Two Part Super Smart Power Hour. For the first half hour we're going to talk about how to close more short sales and the second half we will show you how you can build your seller and home buyer data base by using some of the most popular online social networking sites to share your message!

Part 1: When it comes to successfully completing a short sale, you not only have to get the short sale approved, but you also have to find a qualified buyer usually within a short time frame. Putting all the pieces together can take time and can be frustrating to say the least. When you work so hard and get nothing accomplished it is easy ask yourself "why bother?". That's why we have asked Kimberlee Frank of Foreclosures Gone Wild to join us for the Super Smart Power Hour. She is going to share with us several important short sale steps so you make sure your short sales close and you get paid! Kimberlee is going to give us a review of the short sale process as well as answer any questions you have on foreclosures and short sales! Kimberlee and her team do dozens of short sales every month and here is your chance to have your questions answered from a seasoned short sale expert.

Part 2: Next we're going to show you how to utilize some of the latest online tools to attract more sellers and buyers to your websites using simple, easy-to-use social networking sites! But that's not all, did you know that you can automate at least 75% of your social networking and be a social networker on virtual auto-pilot! Please register now to join us on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month to learn more and start the New Year and New Decade off with a big bang!

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