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                                                                                         Building Lot        So you're thinking about purchasing a building lot in the Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, Mineral, or Louisa, VA area and building your dream home.  This is a great plan and one that many people have carried out successfully.  On the other hand, there are also a number of folks that have been less than satisfied with the final product when all is said and done.  May I suggest that before you sign the contract for you "perfect building lot" in the Lake Anna area that you take time to consult with a reputable new home builder.

Given the relative cost, it makes even more sense to look carefully at all aspects of building before you finalize that lot contract.  An experienced and reputable builder can greatly assist in this "Simulated Home Building Experience".  The following are some of the critical items that you will want to address with your New Home Builder.

  1. Make certain to obtain the latest Soil Report and Drain Field Design that has been completed by a licensed OSE/PE, (On-site Soil Evaluator, Professional Engineer).  Go over this report with your builder.  This report will designate the drain field and well locations which in turn will have a major impact on where the house can be located.  You will also want to review with Your New Home Professional what type of drain field is specified and the approximate cost associated with it.  some of the engineered systems are several times more expensive to install than a standard conventional drain field.
  2. After you have selected the location for your dream home you will want to discuss and evaluate corresponding cost and challenges of that particular site with your builder.  For example; what are the projected clearing cost?  How many loads of gravel and what are the cost of installing a culvert and driveway from the street to my home site?  Are there any particular difficult and/or expensive features that I will be dealing with: rocks, excessive grade, water drainage, easement, or restricted access into the building site?  This is also an excellent time to consider the aesthetics related to the location: Dominant views?  How will the afternoon sun effect my deck, windows and patio?  Will the house type that I am considering be a good match with this particular building lot and neighborhood?
  3. In addition to the physical characteristics of the lot you will also want to discuss with your New Home Building Professional the current county codes as they relate to your project:  Building setbacks, utility easements, drainage easements, building permits required and projected time lines.  In the same vain, you will want to discuss the Homeowner's Association Architectural Review Committee guidelines for your neighborhood:  Finished square footage requirements,  construction material guidelines, fencing, setback requirements. (Note, many times HOA setback requirements are different and more stringent that the county guidelines).

Foundation                                                                                       Without question, designing and building your very own dream home in the Lake Anna Area has the potential to be one of Life's most challenging and rewqarding projects.  Taking the time early in the process to involve a reputable New Home BUilder can help avoid costly missteps.  It also greatly increases the odds that once you complete the project you are going to be completely satisfied with the final product. 

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