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For all of you that happened to miss this AWESOME blog, please read and see how powerful reblogging can be for all of us.

I want to thank Jeff personally for writing this and passing on this great information to all of us out here on ActiveRain to be able to use and pass on to others.

Reblogging can help you in so many different ways and now I try to pass on this blog every day to newer members so that they can catch on fast and get the benefits right away. Always check the reblog box and you will see the benefits eventually. Thanks again Jeff for letting us all steal a little bit of your knowledge to pass on to others.



Original content by Jeff Belonger


What is re-blogging all about?


re-blog What is re-blogging? Many of you have seen this green icon in the upper right corner of other member's blogs. Reblogging is simply someone republishing your content on their page. When someone reblogs your post, it transfers it to their page without changing a thing. That reblogger can add an introduction above your actual post, but not all do. I will go over this in Part 2, Do you pay it forward in your re-blog?

Bob Stewart talked about re-blogging when it first happened.



My opinion? A Re-Blogged post is one of the finest compliments another member can pay you.



What are my options about re-blogging?


re-blogging button

Very simple, you can choose your post to be re-blogged or not.

You have to check the box that is at the bottom of your blog for it to be re-blogged. This is literally 3 boxes above the button you click when submitting your post. And this can't be done if you have chosen your blog as a 'members only' post. And in my opinion, I don't consider re-blogging a form of plagiarism since the author allows you to reblog their article by checking the box.




How can re-blogging help me, the author of that re-blog?


news media - news outlets

What a better way to get your message out to others. No matter what kind of topic or message, other people thought it was either very worthy or helpful. It would be like having your own news agency or your own personal paperboy delivering the news on your behalf.

Keep in mind, if your post is of quality content and keyword rich, that re-blog will get searched throughout the internet, which in turn gets your information out to possibly thousands more without you lifting a finger.

Overall, this could mean more potential clients coming to you and or your site, to read up more about you.




How can re-blogging help me as the person who re-blogs a post?


potential clients and extra money

So how can it help you if you re-blog someone elses post? Could you possibly hurt yourself even if you re-blogged someone in your own industry. In my own opinion, I don't see how it could hurt you at all if you are in different market areas.

But let's take it a step further. If that person is a good writer, and or has very good Google juice because of their name and or search words, this could help you also. How is this? I have personally known a few members here on Active Rain get a new borrower who found them on the internet by reading something that they re-blogged of mine. Please read : The success of re-blogging.

Important Bullet Point - I have searched through Google for my key words at times online and sometimes have found my post that was re-blogged to be higher than my original post. Wow... how powerful is that. Talk about your message helping the both of you.


IMPORTANT THOUGHT - Melissa Zavala stated this comment : Keep in mind that you are endorsing that person's thoughts and or opinions when re-blogging. What happens if that person is wrong about a specific topic? Just keep this in mind when re-blogging.  Thanks Melissa for bringing this up.



To re-blog or not to re-blog, that is thy question. But what is your answer?






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