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Technology saves country real estate NOVA SCOTIA ????


BRIDGEWATER: There is a mad rush going on, to become Google savvy for Real Estate. Ever since our Streetviews got mapped on the coastal South Shore, we've all been able to save money and aggravation...


Now people can preview areas without getting lost or even buying gas! What this means for property buying, is that they can see a home the way it looked outside, back in the pretty month of June. They can also see if there is an unzoned car lot next door!!!



What this means for property selling, is that REALTOR(R)s can compare popular neighbourhoods virtually, in addition to Multiple Listing System photos and enthusiastic descriptions. After all, LOCATION LOCATION is most important.


For example, my local village of Pleasantville has starred in the following interactive portion of Google Maps:

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If you scroll up and down the "Lighthouse Route" on the South Shore, (hwy 331 on my side of the river), you will see glimpses of the salt water Lahave River. It's actually a cove that leads to Bridgewater from the Atlantic ocean.

This sunny sailing strip of Nova Scotia real estate is one of the many things that makes the South Shore special. There are unspoiled beaches and hundreds of islands in the protective bays. And of course, Lighthouses.

While not everything is mapped (you'll still have to venture out in your kayak to visit the islands you can't reach by the Crescent Beach causeway), the waves seem so real on Google you can smell the fresh air.


Visit my Blog in the future to hear the sounds of lakes and ocean here on the South Shore. But for now, a home looking for a loving new owner is in the Google Maps tour above.

Copy and paste into your address browser, or CLICK this link to see if it's still available:

"Built when lumber was still milled dimensional and homes trussed onsite, this property is surrounded by well maintained homes and landscaped yards. There is a springfed community well and all owners have their own onsite septic systems."


A forward thinking concept taking hold in waterfront and even waterview real estate on the South Shore of Nova Scotia is dividing lots into 'condos'. Yes, you read me right! This allows more eco-friendly use of property into larger yards and combined septic beds.

Check back or subscribe to this blog's RSS feed to get more info on such a development. Or if you're really keen on anything mentioned here, you can make contact directly via the clickable media icons provided below. Or a phone call works just as well!


So, can I catch you fishing nearby one day? It's OK if you only want to move here seasonally to Relax too.


Yours in fun and family homes,


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Comments (4)

David Pylyp
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., - Toronto, ON
Thank you Bettina While everyone may think that merely being able to see a property from the outside (and indeed it will assist them in their search) You will still need a realtor to See and KNOW them from the inside Great Post there! David Pylyp Living in Toronto
Mar 12, 2010 12:32 PM
Bettina Gouthro Grunwald NOVA SCOTIA Canada - Bridgewater, NS

Great point, David!  

We're needed as MUCH more than tour guides

With showings often further apart here than the time the viewing takes, I like to optimize the pre-qualifiying of the viewing itself!  Many FSBO's are even ruled out when comparing price and surroundings.

(Buyers who were willing to do a "driveby" on their own were once deemed more serious... Now technology allows them and buyers from out of province to try on the coastline, and hundreds of communities before they fly in). 

Better use of REALTOR(R)s time to spend it advising and negotiating

all the Best!


Bettina Grunwald



Mar 12, 2010 12:48 PM
Marcia Hawken
Naples Luxury Specialist

Thanks Bettina, I will look into it.  We played golf in Nova Scotia in Sept.  What a great time we had.  Great golf, great people, Great food.

Mar 14, 2010 01:26 PM

Hi Marcia


glad you enjoyed our fall weather.  It's the favourite season of many here -- fluorescent leaf colours!!

Canadian spelling, eh?








Mar 14, 2010 02:42 PM