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Q. What does every investor, Realtor, or buyer want?

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A. An unlimited amount of "Private Money!"

How many of you are frustrated with trying to fund your real estate deals
right now with banks and don't have $100,000 sitting around to fund deals

How many of you would love to be able to buy profitable properties like apartment
buildings, commercial properties, REO's,short sales, foreclosures, you name it....
without having to put your own cash or credit into the deal? (chuckle)

How many of you are interested in a proven system for generating $6,000
to $30,000 per deal...without having to use your own cash or credit?

Now, I know the whole "no money down" thing sounds like a pipe dream to some people... but in today's market there are a lot of these deals out there when you know what to do... and how to do it... and where to get the money... which is what we're going to go over at our next Charleston Real Estate Investors Meeting on Thursday, April 1st, 2010!

If you only attend one meeting in 2010...this is the meeting that you will not want to miss!

Our guest speaker for April 1st, 2010 is the most requested speaker that our members have begged for in the past 12 months...

MustKnowInvesting.com's Patrick Riddle!

Patrick has been a full-time investor since he  dropped out of college almost 7 years ago as
a broke but motivated "kid" to pursue investing in real estate full-time.

After a few failures...losing thousands of dollars on his first two investments... he figured out that
relying on conventional financing, hard money, and splitting profits with partners just wasn't
working for his real estate business... lol, and his pocketbook.

So Patrick started to study, apply, and hone his skills on getting private money, sales, persuasion,
and more. In the last 6.5 years Patrick has closed over 127 "no money down" (or very little
of his own money on some deals) real estate deals ranging from flips, wholesales, rehabs,
multi-family, and buy and hold... and was able to get over $6 million in other peoples money
(aka private money) actually funded into deals over that time.

Patrick invests out of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and has become well known in Charleston in the "investor" community and is always glad to help other investors see the same success with getting
other peoples money, for very low interest rates, with no points or excess fees.

                                 In the last 13 months Patrick teamed up with 2 other successful investors (who collectively have got over $31.5 million in private money actually funded into their own or other investors deals in the last 6 years alone) and have been helping investors outside of South Carolina learn and apply the same strategies and tools using other peoples money to buy apartment buildings, short sales, REO's, foreclosures, commercial properties, and land.

After numerous requests, Patric & his team put together a coaching program for students wanting to learn their "techniques" and in the first 12 months, those students have got over $11.5 million in private money for their own deals using the guidance, strategies, and tools Patrick, Susan, and Trevor have given them.

If you'd like to meet Patrick, learn, chat with and "pick his brain" you might want to make sure that
you print this out and tape it to your monitor so that you will not miss this huge opportunity, to
meet someone right here in Charleston, SC, that is doing what you want to do!

Check in is at 5:30 - meeting starts at 6 pm - ends at 8 pm.


North Charleston Inn, 2934 W. Montague Ave. N. Charleston, SC 29418

Members get in FREE - (Please be sure to wear your name badge)

Guests $20.