Getting Down and Dirty with a Racy Blond!

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muddy faceHey, If you want to have a great time and get in shape this is just the thing for you! (and your friends)

Starting in May, Alyshia Davies, The Racy Blond, will be "running" a fun training program for all of us Amador County "couch potatoes."

The over-all goal will be to participate and compete in the "Down and Dirty 5k,10k, and obstacle course!" Along the way we will help motivate each other with expert help from Alyshia on a twice a week schedule with one session focusing on walk/run and the other on various strength training. Two twelve week campaigns with the first focusing on starter runners getting "off the couch" and up to a 5k ability, the second twelve week campaign to work up to 10k and more fitness for the obstacle course.

As I have always wanted to run a "GI Joe Camp" for yuppies, this is right up my alley! If it sounds like something you might like, feel free to get in touch with me or Alyshia. We would love to see couples join this too! This will be a fun and friendly thing, No harsh treatment, just fun group support.

Check out Alyshia's blog right now! Good stuff!

Soon you will be saying "I feel fine!"

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