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Mountain House Utility Questions Answered

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Mountain House utilities do you have questions, here are some answers.

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Recently a first time home buyer looking to purchase in Mountain House, CA  asked me some question about the  Mountain House Community, specifically the utility costs and schools.  (Schools will be the next post.)

First off.... PG & E handles the GAS part of the utilitiesin Mountain House, CA.  If you purchase a home in Mountain House you will need gas to heat the water, potentially cook, have a fire in the fireplace, etc.

Second - Electricity is provided by Modesto Irrigation District, otherwise knows as MID for residence of Mountain House, CA.

Third- WATER - this is where Mountain House utility fees start to climb more than average.  Mountain House residents pay a FLAT Fee plus usage.  An O&H fee is added to you bill to pay for the administration of the water district.  The fee runs about $125 a month.  You can read about the Mountain House Community Water District here.

Forth - Waste is contracted through Tracy Delta Disposal, with 3 cans, one for yard waste, one for recycle and one for garbage.  Mountain House Community District contracts with Tracy Delta Disposal for these services.

Homes built in Mountain House have all been built with extreme energy efficiency.  Dual Pane windows, ceiling fans, automatic turn off switches for lights, especially in bathrooms.  Energy efficiency will definitely affect the amount of your utility bills.  Plan ahead, be aware of the additional water fees in Mountain House, CA.

It is difficult to predict how much your combined utility bill will be since it's based on usage.  Do you need to keep your home at 65 degrees in the summer? Are you willing to open the windows and let the coastal breezes cool down the inside of your home?  (There are windmills on the western hills for a reason.) How much landscaping do you need to water?  All these questions and more will affect how much your utility bills will be on your new home in Mountain House, CA.

 If you have other questions regarding utilities in Mountain House please contact me.

Does the water fee prevent you from wanting to live in Mountain House, CA

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