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Blogging Quickie | Tips for Blog Writing Sanity

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Okay, now if I write, they won't be secrets anymore.  But, if the title got your attention, I believe you will benefit.

Blogging is the foundation piece of a social media strategy, even though it may seem a little solitary.  After all, you are usually doing all of the talking, unless you have heavy commenters.

Blogging is a phermone for you to use to attract the search engines.  You already know that.  So, how can you use it in a business-like manner to create business for you and not just a hot date with Google?

There are many things you can do, but these three tips are a good place to start.

Read more my newest Bar JD post about

  • Blog length
  • Where the reader should end up
  • Pre-Scheduling



Comments (1)

Ken Spencer
Buckeye, AZ
for Verrado, Buckeye, Sundance

Hi Judy:


I love your blog.  You are sooooo great at hitting everything right on the head.  It's been a while since I checked in with you and perhaps we can touch base off-line (email) soon to catch up.  You're still my very special and most efficient virtual assistant ever.


Take care.....Ken

Apr 11, 2011 10:34 AM