Home Stager with Transformed Rooms

No matter the contest or event when the name of the winner is announced excitement and desappointment are two emotions that occur at the exact same moment.  Every year the entertainment industry honors their own with the most prestigious award that an actor can recieve.  Every nominee considers it a privilege to be nominated.  However, they also know that only one of them will walk away with the award.  When the winner accepts their award they acknowledge all the individuals that were instrumental in their success.  When people join together and work with one goal in mind the end result is amazing.

To those os us associated with the Real Estate Industry the same team work is a vital part of the sales process.  When a home owner contacts their sales agent to begin the process of marketing their property they rely on the expertise of their agent to guide them throught the process.  Likewise, a successful agent has a team of individuals that they can collaborate with to produce an award winning property.

Imagine watching a film with bad dialogue, poor lighting and no scenery or a poorly staged set.  The end result would be a fil not worthy of watching much less win an award.  The same is true in setting the stage for a home on the current sales market.  As an agent your listing is your film and you are the writer, producer and director.  the characters in your film are the homeowners, contractors, inspectors, mortgage lenders, etc.  The scenery or stage is the property.  As the director it is your job to make sure every member of the cast and crew know their lines and perform their part to best of their ability to ensure and outstanding production. Since your are also the writer and producer you have the ability to choose the category in which your film (listing) will be included.  Do you which to present a comedy, drama, horror or a period piece?  In the vast array of listings we have seen one in every category. 

The making of a film and the process of selling a property cost money.  However, not all big budget films have won an award.  So often the low budget films speak to a larger audience.  With that in mind you can have an award winning property no matter the budget.  Remember that you are the director and your cast and crew are ready, willing and able to assist you with your production.  When your film premieres you want it to outshine all the others listed in your chosen category.  After all the chosen films (properties) have been seen and the nominations are submitted a winner will be chosen.  As you wait with anticipation you have your acceptance speech ready and you hear your listing has been chosen as the winner.  When you accept the award of "SOLD" you realize that without all the dedicated cast and crew your "film" would have landed on the cutting room floor.

As a real estate stager I consider myself a "set designer" and I offer my talents to create a show stopping set design that is sure to win over the toughest critic.

See you at the movies and don't forget the popcorn!  

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