Finding the Right Real Estate Agent Part III

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Twin Rivers Real EstateINC.
If I am working with a buyer one of the first things I mention to them is to get pre-qualified for a loan. Before or shortly after I show them properties. This way I am not wasting my clients time or mine looking at houses that they can not afford. A person would be surprised at what their spending limit is because a lot of people underestimate their buying power! I do not believe in putting someone in a house they really love and be debt poor because the house payment is eating their lunch. Our number one goal as Real Estate Professionals is to take our clients best interest to heart not the monetary gain from a commission. Show the client the properties he or she wants to look at not the ones that have a better commission or the client cannot afford. Once you find the right person to represent you whether you are a buyer or seller continually ask questions that arise and make sure THEY WORK FOR YOU!!!!! Now a little bit on working with sellers to even out this blog a little. I put together a listing presentation and go over each page and ask if there are any questions and if they understand what I just went over. I give plenty of time for the clients response and listen to every word they say and take notes as well. I spend a lot of time going over my marketing plan with them and let them know that I will do everything on that plan and more. I am not one of those Real Estate Agents or REALTORS that put a sign in your yard and you never hear from them. To me there is a lot more to listing a property than that! I keep in constant contact with the seller and let them know what is going thru the whole process. Along with giving my suggestions on certain things that will improve the selling of their home. Remember clients should be clients for life!!!!!! Peace, Yukon John

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