To Me, Saving Money is Like Making Money, Plus its Easier

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A brand new shopping tool has hit the market with great big bang! Chance are you might not have heard of it. That won't be for long though. I can tell you first hand, this tool works and has already saved me almost two thousand dollars ($2,000)! Yes, that's not a typo. Let me explain. I have been using this shopping tool for only three weeks now. Here is what happened:

My mother-in-law's birthday was coming pretty soon, Isabell, my wife, and I had decided that we were going to buy her a Serta Memory Foam bed. She had been having problems wiht her back so we thought this might help out allot.  We both had been looking online for several weeks (seemed like months), the best price either of us  could find was for Four Hundred Forty Nine dollars ($449) plus fifty dollars ($50) shipping and handling. At the time, I thought this was a great price, we had searched long and hard on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Just before we were going to place our order a friend of mine, who happens to be a Titanium seller on eBay, introduced us this Shopping tool, he said try it out, it won't cost you anything just to compare prices. I said, ok I'm all about saving money, then I proceeded to download the program. It took less than 60 seconds do so. I put some random things in like an IPad, Ipod etc.. just to see what would happen.

To my shock and surprise, I found the same EXACT bed at a price of.... now get this..... $299, No shipping, no Taxes! Needless to say, my wife and I were both ecstatic! We had just saved $200! As a result we purchased that bed and my mother-in-law is sleeping quite nicely.

After this experience, I thought, that was great but tis has got to be a fluke of some kind? Ok, now here comes the best story yet. Less than one week ago, we were in the market to purchase a Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner. If you know anything about vacuum cleaners, then you already know that Kirby makes top of the line machines. They are virtually in a class by themselves. The sales rep showed us all of the great features and we were prepared to make the purchase. Then I thought, let's think about this...  I had remembered what happen with the Serta bed.

The sales rep offered us a cash price of $2400, which she would discount to 2180 if we traded in our Dyson vacuum. I had looked previously, and thought this was reasonable at the time. Later that day, I decided to put the same exact model in the search engine and see what came up. I was floored to say the least from what I had found. Are you ready? For the same EXACT model, the price I found it for was for $799!!! And I did not even have to trade in my Dyson vacuum cleaner! I bet you can guess what we did next.

Between the savings on the Serta Bed and the Kirby vacuum cleaner, that was almost a $2000 savings! Not bad for a free application that only shows up when your in one of the major search engines. What most people don't know is that when they type something into one of the search engines, what comes up on the left are the companies that have done the Search Engine Optimization and the ones on the right are the ones that have paid Google for that advertising space. The lowest price for what you are looking for might be on the 100th page or further down. I don't know of anyone that will go beyond the first few pages. So as a result of your search, you might never find the best price.

That's where the this app comes it. It levels the field by searching the Internet to find you the best price for what you are searching for. Oh, by the way, did I mention you can make money with it too? you can find out more details about making money at That's a topic for another time, I say try it out. It's free, cost you only the time to download it and install it. Decide for yourself.

You can download the application at  Check it out, it saved me two grand.  Here in Texas that in many cases can be a good chuck of commision on a home sale.

Best Wishes to ALL,


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Carolyn Kolba
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Lawrence, what a great post, and so very timely.  One great way to "save" money is to simply not spend it.  That is one of my personal favorites.

Jul 19, 2010 08:21 PM
1~Judi Barrett
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I'm terribly late to this post but I do appreciate the post, the link sounds like a great one. I'm going to check it out. 

I hope that you've been really busy in Beaumont and will get back to writing great posts soon.


Mar 12, 2011 03:16 PM