"Are you using "Car Magnets" for Advertising?"

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  As if advertising for business is not hard enough in these times so is keeping your advertising materials. I just wanted to let everyone know that it's important to always keep an eye on your car when you are out and about on appointments.  This blog is to all the Realtors/Agents and anyone who owns a business that owns car magnets for advertising.

 Most recently I purchased some car magnets for my VW Convertible. These car magnets were great!! They had my name, company logo and contact information. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding. (http://make-realestatesigns.com/) Oh, the best part of all was the cost. These car magnets were by far one of the most inexpensive items I have acquired for my business. 

Needless to say, all that came to a screaching halt a couple of weeks ago.  I was having second thoughts about writing this blog but thought I should let everyone in the "ActiveRain Community" know since I may not be the only person this has happened to. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to share my problem with everyone. 

I was in the office in the morning and got into my car to attend some appointments.  When I got into my car I noticed my new car signs and remember gazing at how good they looked. As I was looking at my car someone stopped me when they saw the signs and asked me for my card. We exchanged numbers and I drove off. I then went on to a couple of appointements and then it happened; I arrived at home. As I was locking the car my keys fell to the ground and when I looked up, "my cars sign were gone". I couldn't believe it.  I was so sad, I truly could not believe that someone could have taken them. Until today I still can't believe it. I've decided I am not going to replace the signs for a while in case there is someone out there that is using them. 

I am very disappointed in losing the signs. I was actually attracting more clients with the signs. I keep asking myself, "What if you're not the only one?", "What if the person who stole them was using them for something illegal?" "What if the person is trying to impersonate a Realtor/Agent?" Then I thought, it was probably mean to be. This all happened for a reason that is beyond me and that I will see what the reason is later. Perhaps I am supposed to alert everyone to this type of dilema or perhaps I am going to find the signs somewhere. Who knows. What if the signs are found and mailed to me?  Anything can happen right?  Let's be optimistic about this and everything will work out for the better. Keep your fingers crossed for me and make sure you keep an eye out on your car wherever you are going. I know that I will be extra careful now!!

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Rebecca Savitski
BSR Real Estate Group - Cary, NC
NC Real Estate Listings
Are you serious I wonder if your competition swiped your signs. I had signs for awhile and would do it again I think it is more practical than the wrap. But I have to say I never had any direct business off of the signs I found them helpful when showing properties people in the neighborhood understood why I was driving slow and driving into the cul de sac.
Aug 21, 2007 07:03 AM
Andrew Trevino
ADT Real Estate - Wilkes Barre, PA
Wilkes-Barre Homes For Sale
Gloria, sorry to hear about your theft. I am actually considering buying car signs right now and will have to consider this as well. I hadn't really thought about the chance that someone might steal my signs. Thanks for the heads-up.
Aug 21, 2007 07:19 AM
Karen Martin Real estate agent Safe Harbor Realty
Safe Harbor Realty - Westport, MA
Westport, MA Realtor Helping Home Sellers & Buyers
 Gloria, don't fret schools out it could have just been kids. Thank you for the post though. I have the real estate sticker on the back of my car.  
Aug 21, 2007 07:20 AM
Richard Parr
ADT Security Services - Slidell, LA
Home Security Specialist - Greater New Orleans, Louisiana
My guess is that some young kids were up to no good, but it could be a competitor.  Regardless, you should replace them immediately anyway....they were providing results.  I am sure that they are still cost effective even if you replace them twice a year, right?  If the signs come back to you, you will have a spare for the next time or you could put them on your spouse's car for more exposure. 
Aug 21, 2007 07:22 AM
Christina Williams. REALTOR® TN property search & local insights
First Realty Company - Crossville, TN

That is aweful Gloria... Next time try placing your name on them.

Aug 21, 2007 07:30 AM
Nora Adkins
Realty Executives - Tucson, AZ

Of everyone I've spoken to, no one has gotten business off of them, so I've never done it.  I also must say that I'm afraid if I cut someone off that they would call me:) LOL

Aug 21, 2007 07:30 AM
Sandy Noll
(RSVP Real Estate) 425.890.0878 - Gig Harbor, WA
RE Pro Serving Snohomish to Thurston Counties
Gloria that's too bad!  I have never used magnets, all though my husband did for his construction company and for 5 years no one touched them.  I figured with your name on them, why would someone want them, but never thought about the what ifs and identity theft!  Keep your faith and things should work out.
Aug 21, 2007 07:42 AM
Gloria Maldonado
SoRealty - Point Richmond, CA
Thanks to all who responded to my blog earlier this morning. I feel so much better now :-) . Perhaps they were taken by some kids as a prank. Wow, I hope so and I'm sure that's the case. I think I'm going to re-order them right away. Thanks to all who responded.
Aug 21, 2007 08:03 AM
Todd Murphy
Fitts Agency - Tuscaloosa, AL
Gloria, I bet it was some mischievous kids.  Or, maybe you really scared your competition and they wanted to stop you from taking all of their business. :)
Aug 21, 2007 08:43 AM
Nathan Blair
Salt Lake City, UT
I hope you get your signs back.  I was probably some kid who didn't realize the importance of the signs.
Aug 21, 2007 12:42 PM
Leon Austin
Mobile Notary Services - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs Mobile Notary
Gloria, sorry to hear about that. It's unfortunate that there are so many people who have no respect for the property of other people.
Aug 22, 2007 03:24 AM
Birmingham Alabama Real Estate, Stephen Wolfe
LivingInBirmingham.com - Birmingham, AL
Sorry to hear about you loosing a sign. I have often wondered if they helped at all in lead generation. I was encouraged to hear that you did. Good luck in finding the sign.
Aug 22, 2007 03:37 AM
Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573
Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker

Vinyl decals on those darkened rear windows... parked on the end of rows for all to see... they work, they don't get swiped.

Mar 27, 2015 09:22 PM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

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